How to Make a Text or Letter with Glitter Online Using Pixlr – Easy and Fast

Pixlr, is the most used online photo editor, since from your pc you can modify and improve your photos, add text and effects, without having to install anything on your computer.

Best of all, Pixlr Express is a free app. In this article we will show you how to create text with glitter online easy and fast, something that has become a trend. Because with glitter everything looks better, and if you are new to this, you may wonder how to use Pixlr? Well, it is very simple.

Where to get glitter textures in Pixlr Express

The first thing we need is to have glitter textures in our gallery. How do we get them? Simply place in the Google browser «glitter texture» and download the ones of your preference, then save them in images, we will use them later. It is super easy and most of the downloads are free. Now let’s see step by step how to make a text with glitter online in Pixlr.

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Steps to add glitter to your text

The first thing is to open the Pixlr Express page on your PC, without having to download anything. It will open the main page of the editor by clicking on the create new tab, then clicking on create, a window will appear with tabs and toolbars similar to those of a Photoshop program.

At the bottom right of your screen click on the + symbol you select add text «T» and add the text, then choose the size and type of font you want, center and align it to your liking. You go to the layer tab, select the option rasterize the text.

Then press the + symbol at the bottom right of your screen and select the add image button (There they will open the folders and select the previously downloaded glitter of your preference and give it to open) you will see it on the entire screen hiding your text, but do not panic.

The next step is, in the right part of your screen you click to select text you will see the outline of your text selected, then go to the select tab at the top and you choose the option to select pixels. (your text will appear marked with dots)

You go back to the select tab and you choose the option «invert selection» All your glitter will appear marked with dots, now you must select the text on the right side of your screen and give delete on your keyboard and voila there you will see your text with glitter texture.

You go back to the select tab and choose the deselect option. (To remove the points that are around your text), Finally you go to the file tab and click on save.

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There you have your text with glitter very easy and fast. Of course everything is a matter of taste, after these steps you could add a background, effects and endless ideas that this application offers you in its toolbar. Most photo editors have the function of rotating them, so that if they are vertical, you can put it horizontally without any problem.

We know that you are interested in improving your techniques using this application, so we also saw fit to make a tutorial for you to learn how to place watermarks on your projects, so they don’t copy your creations. You can find all that and more on our blog, so keep visiting us to find out about all the tutorials that we take from this application.

We hope that this article has been very useful to you, if it was, do not forget to tell us in the comment box and share it with whoever you think can take advantage of it.

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