How to Make a Video Call from Android or iPhone? – Best Free Apps

We remember in the movies of the 60s, 70s, 80s, where science fiction movies showed us electronic equipment with which we could make video calls.

And it was always thought that it was something impossible, but currently it is very easy to do on your mobile device. In the next article we will show you How to Make a Video Call from Android or iPhone? Best Free Apps.

To make this easier, today you can find a wide variety of applications for free, which allow us to interact with our contacts through video calls. And this is as simple as having a smartphone, download the app and have an internet connection, it’s that simple.

These App are available for both devices that work with operating systems Android, like those that work with iOS. But there are also them for you to make video calls on the PC. In a previous article we were able to show you how to make video calls on Instagram from a PC or mobile, in a very simple way. l

How to make a video call from Android or iPhone?

It turns out that by using this tool, many people who have emigrated to other countries have been able to see their loved ones and be permanently connected. It has also turned out to be a very useful tool for those who must work from remote sites and must meet periodically with their work group.

mobile video call

It is worth remembering that the tool that was most used to make video calls was Skype, but little by little new ones have emerged. These offer different functions and options that can be adjusted to the interests and needs of each user. Next we are going to show you which are the best App to make video calls and how to make them from Android or iPhone.

Regardless of the device you have or the operating system you use, this tool will work the same for you and can only be changed by the way you download and install the App on your mobile. The first tool that we will name you is WhatsApp, it is one of the most popular and the way to make video calls is very simple and also free.

Another of the applications that are most used in Android or iPhone is the Facebook Messenger and perhaps this is the most used way in the world to make video calls. Because everyone has this application on their phone, it is free and very easy to use. Just open the chat of the person you want to chat with and press the video button.

More App to make video calls from Android or iPhone

Now we bring you another proposal but that is only available for iOS systems and it is the best application that Apple has to make video calls Facetime. This App already comes natively in the tools of iPhone devices. It is so easy to use, that from the home screen you can make the video call, but only with devices that work with iOS.

Now let’s talk about Zoom, is an ideal application for your company or business, since it is widely used in the managerial world. With this application you can make video calls with a group made up of 100 people. You can also share Dropbox folders, files, send audios and messages in a group or individual way and it can be compatible for Android and iOS.

Now it was the turn of Google DuoWithout a doubt, Google wants to be present in all areas and does not want to be left behind. It is considered as the Facetime of Android devices, but you can also use it on iPhone devices.

One of its main and striking function is the Knock knock that allows you to see the image of the caller before answering the call.

android video call

And there are still more applications that we could describe, but in this short article we could not talk about all of them. But it is evidenced that its use has become widespread throughout the planet as it has many attributes that make it palatable to users.

And in this way we reached the end of one more tutorial and we could teach you How to Make a Video Call From Android or iPhone.

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