How to Make a Video with Music and Photos on Android or iPhone?

Limits don’t seem to exist when it comes to creating tools that allow making funny and entertaining videos. And so on special events, such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc.

You can surprise your guests with this great idea. And thinking of all the possibilities that exist with this tool, we bring you the following tutorial that will teach you How to make a video with music and photos on Android or iPhone?

We already know that we can perform this procedure from a PC, but surely you did not know that you could do it from your mobile phone.

Which must mean a lot more freedom to find the best ideal places to make the recordings. You have a wide variety of App available that you can choose to How to make a video with music and photos on Android or iPhone?

Devices that run on Android or iPhones can use applications that are compatible with both operating systems. And we have always taught you how to perform operations that involve these systems. And in this sense you can read the article on how to delete duplicate contacts on your Android mobile or iPhone.

How to make a video with music and photos on Android or iPhone?

Below we will show you a list of the best applications that you can use to make a video with music and photos on Android or iPhone. And to begin we will talk about one of the greatest applications that you can use to carry out this project. And it’s about VivaVideo, you can download it from the App Store and the Play Store for free.

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You can create in a very simple and easy way the most spectacular videos, it also has a great variety of filters and transitions, in this way to have an almost professional finish. To be a free App, it offers you many functions and advantages that will not leave you bad at any time and you can also share these videos on your social networks.

Another option that we recommend is VideoPad, is a free video editor that looks a lot like Windows Movie Marker. So if you used this application on your computer, it will be very easy for you to use it. Although it does not require you to have much skill, it is very complete and will offer you results that will leave you satisfied, it is available for both Android and iOS.

If you have an iOS operating system, we recommend the best App that exists for these devices to create videos with photos and music this is Perfect Video. It is as simple as it is fabulous and will allow us to put together both texts and pieces for a unique and original video. The only observation that we can give you with this App from the App store is that the free version only allows 30-second videos.

More App that will help you make a video with music and photos on Android or iPhone

Now we will talk about VideoShow, This is a video editor that represents the best tool for those Android device users. What makes it so easy to use is its totally intuitive interface. You will be able to find a wide range of functions for video editing as well as the incorporation of a musical background, with different options.

In the creation of App for mobiles we have a company that already made this type of programs for PC and it is about Wondershare and it brings us FilmoraGo. This editor is formidable and if you used it on computers you will know what we are talking about. The version that it offers for Android and iPhone is not far behind and gives you all the tools to obtain professional results.

Another alternative that we must name you but that is only available for Android devices is PowerDirector. This application is devised by Cyberlink, it is also a free app and you can find it in the virtual store of Google Play. The videos that you can make with this editor are incredible as well as their use and manageability.

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And here we come with this tour of the best App that you can download to your mobile and you can make the most incredible videos for the approval of your family and friends. And in this way we were able to instruct you in this tutorial on How to make a video with music and photos on Android or iPhone.

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