How to Make a Video with Photos, Music and Animations on the Computer? (Example)

Making a video with photos, music and animations on the computer may not seem easy, however, today there is a wide variety of programs and elements that will change that perspective when making an audiovisual production.

It can be as simple as inserting a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation, but I’m sure you want an explanation beyond something so simple.

On many occasions, you have a wrong idea of ​​the process of creating a video and a great difficulty is attributed to it. Previously there were no endless programs that make this task easier and more enjoyable.

Therefore, translate a good idea into a video Currently it is not complex, it will be enough to have a simple editing program, the images and the music to start creating.

Programs to make a video with photos, music and animations on the computer

A lots of users make use of Windows Movie Maker, although there are still other alternatives to edit videos. In addition, this program is usually integrated into the Windows installation and, although it is basic, it has enough functions to offer a good result in productions.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the existing Microsoft Windows operating system versions, concluding whether or not the current operating system of the PC in question should be updated or not.

Due to its simplicity, videos can be made quickly and without much study of the program. By following simple steps, you can add perfect effects and transitions for a simple video.

There is another simple tool called PhotoStage. It is also very suitable to start video creation given its intuitive interface and functions.

However, if you know its tools well, these can be transformed into a powerful program to generate quality results. PhotoStage it also includes the ability to add effects and transitions to the video.

Finally, if you want to make a video with photos, music and animations on the computer more elaborate with more advanced complements, it is advisable to use Filmora Video Editor. This program, in addition to having advanced tools and very powerful functions, has a large library of transitions, filters, and layers. In addition, its interface is very attractive and easy to access.

use filmora platform

Steps to make a video with photos, music and animations on the computer

For this case, Windows Movie Maker will be used due to its popularity. In addition to that it is generally installed by default in the Windows operating system.

Import files

The first thing is to run the program and then at the top of the interface select the option “Chores”And then select “Import images”. This will open a window to the computer files, there you must select the images you want to place in the video and then press “to import”.

Images that have been imported will be displayed in “Collections”That is located next to the option“Chores”. It is worth mentioning that there you will see all the elements that are imported.

In the same task space you must now select “Import audio or music” and select the corresponding files you want, after pressing “Import” these files can also be viewed in “Collections

Video creation

The next thing will be to start sorting the image files on the timeline in an orderly fashion to give it a sequence. For this, just click on the file and drag the image to the place where you want to place it, you can also modify its order once it is positioned by dragging the images.

After having the images, we will proceed to drag the audio files to the timeline in the bar below that of the images.


To make a quality video with photos, music and animations on the computer, it is important to apply transitions. To add them, click on the “Edit movie” section then select “Show storyboard” and then on “See Video Transitions”.

use movie maker

Then the desired transition must be dragged in the middle of two images positioned on the timeline. This will cause the effect to be applied to the playback.

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