How to Make All Spotify Songs Sound at the Same Volume Level

You were delighted with Spotify for a while. Who didn’t? Every day more than 20 million songs are added to its musical repertoire, so it can be said that if the song is not on Spotify it is because it does not existWithout a doubt, the best way to spend these days at home is enjoying your favorite music with this streaming music platform.

But wait, we said «you were.» You are here because when you listen to music you notice that there is a difference with the volume level each time the song is changedThis can get quite annoying, since, for a moment, you are quietly listening to a song and suddenly your ears break at the loud start of another.

This is becoming very common, causing thousands of users to ask the same question How can I make all the Spotify songs play at the same volume level? Here we will help you solve that problem, but first let us explain 4 reasons why this happens.

Why is the volume of songs only lowered or raised on Spotify?

Reason 1

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When you receive any notification from your social networks, the sound of the currently playing song will automatically be placed in the background, causing the music volume to sound lower for a few seconds.

Reason 2

Spotify added to its functionalities an option that thousands of users see, as the worst idea that the platform’s programmers have had. We are talking about «Automatic Normalization», what it does is alter sound quality of all the songs.

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So as not to be so negative this function is very useful if you have music from different years, since, it is well known that the sound quality of songs from the 80’s is very different from songs from 2000 onwards, so this function normalizes the sound so that you can appreciate each melody of any music (not matter what year they are).

Reason 3

We must remember that Spotify is a platform that works mostly with an internet connection. If you have bad connection, this may be the reason 3 why songs have a different volume or even suddenly stop, causing you not to enjoy your favorite songs as you wish.

Reason 4

If you are listening to Spotify on your computer, this may be reason 4. It is well known that our computer has a sound system completely separate from the other functions or applications that we have installed on it. For different reasons the sound may be configured, causing us to suddenly not listen to our songs.

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You may not imagine some of these reasons why the sound in Spotify goes down or up from time to time, but the important thing is that now that you know them we can go on to explain the solutions.

How to make all Spotify songs sound at the same volume level

Solution 1

If your problem is reason 1 that we explained previously, try the following: turn off notifications by going to «Settings> Applications» on your mobile. When you enter the settings, below the application icon, you will see «Show notifications» and it will be marked with a blue check, you click where the blue check is and that easy you will no longer receive notifications.

Solution 2

If your problem is reason 2, try the following: Enter the Spotify application settings and go to the end of the menu where you will find the option «Normalize volume”, Just click on this option to deactivate it.

Solution 3

If your problem in reason 3, try this: Make sure the router is working properly, check that the cables are connected and to make sure that the problem is not the signal, open Spotify on your mobile device, if it works in order it means that the problem is in our computer, which leads us to go to 4 and last solution

Solution 4

Place «volume» in the browser of your computer and click on the first option with the icon of a gray speaker. You will see the volume mixer, look for the Spotify icon and use the arrows to set the volume.

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