How to Make an Architectural Plan in Photoshop step by step? (Example) l See How It’s Done

Photoshop is a tool where various planes can be made or edited, with instruments to support such works. If used properly, it can become a great ally in architecture, and that is why today you will see how make architectural plan in Photoshop?

What is and why do an architectural plan in Photoshop?

An architectural plan is basically defined as that design, document or graphic entity that is made up of the general structure or in parts of an architectural project about to be carried out. Architectural plans show the layout and final finish of a construction or specific work.

Among these most used applications for this purpose, AutoCAD stands out. ORn design software specialized in two-dimensional matter and three-dimensional designed to effectively fulfill its creative work. In AutoCAD it is possible to make wiring plans for example.

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Similarly, AutoCAD can share your files with other applications such as Photoshop. The transfer of documents is carried out following a series of quite clear indications that we will give you in the following so that you can have your plan in Photoshop.

Step by step to make an architectural plan in Photoshop

First, you must have the sketch in AUTOCAD and export the file directly to Photoshop. In Autocad, you must create two “layers”. One that serves as furniture and another that acts directly as a background or floor plan (walls, windows and others).

Pressing the “Furniture” layer You will display a menu of options in the lower part of which it requests to save the file in the format you choose, the extension PDF being recommended.

Continuing the maneuver to make architectural plans in Photoshop, you must repeat the previous process with the option that you named as “Floor plan”, saving the file in PDF.

Next, open Photoshop and in “File” select “Open” to export the plan in order to PDF file by name layout plan.

By itself, it will render a layer in Photoshop when loaded, then click at the bottom “Create a new layer” and name it background or background. You must learn to copy and paste layers in Photoshop, as you will work with them.

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At the top of Photoshop, first disable the “All Layers” option. Then choose the white color in the paint bucket on the toolbar, apply it to the “Background” layer and immediately drag it above the layout plane layer to make them dock. So now the plane lies on a whitish background.

Export the following file and select all the layer that it generates in the main screen with “Marco“, Press” Ctrl + C “and go to the distribution plane layer, while using” Ctrl + V “the furniture plane will overlap on top of the main plane.

Final finishing of the architectural plan in Photoshop

With the plane armed, you just have to finish it by adding life to it through color, a fairly easy procedure to do if Photoshop is handled perfectly.

After choosing the colors of your preference, you can also change the color of the objects in a simple way. We recommend making your own color palette so as not to lose information on the colors you have used.

Remember that you must create a layer for each aspect of the plane that you are going to paint and choose a color according to your tastes to differentiate them.

For example, if you want to identify the grass with the traditional green color, press “Create a new layer”, name it grass, select the green color and click on the area that corresponds to the grass. And so on for walls, rooms, garage or furniture in general that you want to color.

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