How to Make an Arrow or Curved Lines in Illustrator Easily? (Example)

Adobe Illustrator has earned a place on the podium of best design programs, this is due to the great functions it has and the simple and friendly interface for all users. Therefore, you need to know that you can download it on its official website. However, not everyone will know how to use it the first time, and that is why today you will see How to make an arrow or curved lines in Illustrator?

And it is that, although for you it may sound easy make an arrow or curved line, the truth is that in this program it is not that simple (nor difficult), since you must know which options to touch in order to finally get to what you want.

How to make an arrow or curved lines in Illustrator?

What you should keep in mind to start the process that will allow you to answer the question How to make an arrow or curved lines in Illustrator? is that both things are done differently, so today the tutorial will be divided into two answers to avoid confusion. The first of these is how to make an arrow. Keep in mind that the option to create shapes in Illustrator can help you a little, but not all.

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To achieve this you must first go to the program and open it, then create a new document of the dimensions you want. Then select the tool called «Line”(This will be in the toolbar).

This action will let you draw the line to which you will put the arrowhead, for that you just have to click on the document and drag it to the place where you want said element to end (it can be the width and length you want).

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Next and with said line selected, go to the menu that is called «Effects», within it choose the option «Stylize» and finally in «Add arrowheads». With that, your tip will come out, so you can immediately choose if you want it to be at the beginning or at the end of the line.

In case you want to see how each selection looks in a better way, use the button «Preview» it will be right there on the screen. If everything went well for you, you should have your arrow made, it should be noted that it can not only be straight. If not, it can also be curved. Note that it is possible to reshape paths in Illustrator.

Make a curve or ripple in Illustrator

There really isn’t a single process to do them, as you can use several tricks, but here are the best ones. To perform the first of these, you have to go back to create a line with the steps you saw earlier.

When you have it, keep it selected and go until the menu «Effects edit«, There will be many options from which you must choose the» Distort and transform «option, doing so will open a sub-menu where you must press the» Twist «option.

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This action will make a small box appear on the screen with a single option called «Angle», play with it until you achieve adjust curve or waviness As you like, when you finish, click «Ok».

Second way to create curves

The second way is much simpler than the previous one, to do it you have to create several rectangles of the size you want on the canvas, you can get the rectangle tool on the left bar. After making them (try to make them separate), select them all at the same time and go to the «Object» tab, in the drop-down that will appear, choose «Curved distortion», and finally click «Distortion».

With that a dialog box will pop up where you can choose the style you want to give to your curve, when you already have it, click «OK». And voila, then there will be nothing more to do, so you can say that you answered the question How to make an arrow or curved lines in Illustrator? The options for creating lines, shapes, and more in Illustrator will also help.

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