How to Make an Ecological Tripod Stand to Record with the Cell Phone (Examples)

The tripod is an artifact used to hold different objects or devices. This tool comes from the ancient Greece In which there was a round table with three support legs, which was used to place food and other implements.

Today this tool has evolved and in some regions it is known as “tripod” for obvious reasons. A tripod can be used in various fields. However, in the computer part it is used to hold electronic devices such as Smartphone and Tablet.

This need stems from the boom that the new digital era has had, in which most businesses are carried out starting from a virtual connection. In addition to the most used social networks, which are used by public figures such as actors and actresses and the new generation of “bloggers” and “streams” that broadcast live with applications such as

How to make an ecological tripod support to record with the cell phone?

Ecological tripoid with pencils

Tripod mounts have been widely recognized in the market, which is why different industries have started to commercialize this tool. There are even some that have other built-in objects, such as height-adjustable rods and led lights. However, it may be somewhat expensive for some users.

Given that the cost of a tripod or tripod can vary, ingenuity and creativity have taken center stage and there are people who have created their own artifact using materials they have at home such as plastic, cardboard, white sheet paper, rulers and others.

The designs can vary between the needs of each user. Often a person who frequently records content for his followers, will need a tripod that adequately supports the mobile device or the Tablet, and that is also located at a comfortable height for him.

Steps to make an ecological tripod support to record with the cell phone

There are different materials that we can use to create a tripod, of course, to reduce expenses it is necessary to use common implements that we have at home, like cardboard and paper. Today we show you some ways to make an ecological tripod:

Eco-friendly cardboard tripod

In this case we are going to use a rigid cardboard, that is, it does not bend easily and bear some weight. We can use the one we have in an old box or the milk carton.


  • Paperboard (the one we have at home, but it must be square or rectangular).
  • Firm glue (silicone stick or liquid silicone)
  • Scissors, pencils, markers and rulers to measure.


  • First of all we carry out a diagonal cut on the cardboard base and we proceed to introduce the cell phone vertically, we must make sure that the mobile adopts a suitable position in the container.
  • With the remaining cardboard we can make some bases to prevent the device from slipping. Then we are going to use some structure to position our tripod properly. It can be a chair or table.
  • We can paint and add some details to give it a much more striking and personal touch.

Eco-friendly tripod with a bottle of water

Tripoid with water bottle

This layout is pretty straightforward. To recreate it, we are only going to need a common water bottle, it can be large like the one that comes with two liters of content or a smaller presentation of about 750ml.


  • Water bottle (You should make sure that the thickness of the plastic is enough to support the weight without bending or falling.)
  • Elastic bands or garters (They are used to group a quantity of banknotes, in case of not having we can use another type of elastic material such as tape).
  • Liquid (water or other liquid substance).


  • We fill the bottle of plastic with water or another liquid substance and leave it in an upright position.
  • We place the cell phone in a vertical position with the screen exposed.
  • Now we secure one end of the mobile device with a rubber band and then the other. (Make sure the rubber bands or bands are strong and resistant enough).
  • We position the bottle with our device on a firm structure at the appropriate height.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion. Do you know other methods to make an ecological tripod stand? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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