How to Make an Excel Spreadsheet to Calculate Rent Price (Example)

Many are the benefits you can get from excel spreadsheets, which have become a fundamental tool, not only in jobs and schools, but also in the daily lives of many families.

When making any type of budget, or failing that, when wanting to keep a complete order of the economic elements of a family business, the best is use this tool. With this tool, you have the possibility to easily and quickly design different templates, to be able to carry out the bakery you want in a correct and orderly way.

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Within this post, we want to help you learn a little more about this tool and how to help you prepare and calculate the exact rental price, using only this tool to facilitate your work.

Why is it important to keep the correct accounts regarding services and expenses?

The expenses, income and savings that we make within a company or even within your family, are important, depending on the lifestyle, planning and future goals that you have set for yourself. If part of your business is real estate, you will agree in one way or another, that you keep all the accounting related to your business in an orderly and correct manner.

But if the accounting for your expenses includes rent, beyond being ordered, you must be clear about what you spend, how you do it and the way in which to organize. All this in order to order and plan future investments and how that money will be used.

Beyond having an order, maintaining the accounts and drawing the totals correctly, it is important that each of the income and expenses of the money be identified correctly, so as not to have any type of confusion or errors at the time wanting to make some kind of adjustment, account closure or final count.

Steps to do a simple budget calculation within Excel

  1. Start by clicking inside cell “A1” and then proceed to enter the title that will carry the budget sheet.
  2. Now, you must enter various data of interest into cell “A3”, which you will do in the same way in cells “B3” and “C3” respectively. Here you must be very careful, since the information you put here will be of vital importance depending on what you want to do.
  3. To have more control and security among everything, you must make a list, in which you detail all the important elements regarding the company, goals or planning that you have.
  4. Likewise, make sure that all those figures make sure that all the figures that you enter, are the ones that correspond to a specific period and that the information is clear and consistent with what you want.
  5. Thanks to the dynamic tools that Excel has, it will be very simple and fast for you to be able to do any type of arrangement, addition, subtraction or mathematical operation, to carry out your project.

For this type of action you can always rely on the different mathematical formulas if you need them, however, this is planning, which you must explore, plan and implement in a coherent and sincere way.

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All family plans are based on a budget, a foundation and an action plan, which once it is carried out, it is important to continue to the letter without important that it happens. In this way you will be guaranteeing that your plan is effective and you do not feel pressured if what you are looking for is to buy or pay any debt,

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