How to Make an Impalement in Minecraft and what is it for? – Spell “Impale”

When you hear about impalement in Minecraft, you may not be very clear about what it is, because its name is not a sufficient indication for its usefulness and characteristics.

In fact, unless accompanied by the word ‘Enchantment’, it may not occur to you that impalement is one of these, and that you can only apply it to one element of the game.

What is the “Impale” spell for?

After clarifying that, indeed, impalement in Minecraft is an enchantment available to perform, it is convenient to establish exactly what it is for to know and apply it.

In this sense, the first thing you should know is that it is a spell that works only on the “Trident”. Well, it is a complement that only this aquatic weapon can take advantage of. You can also use the conductivity enchantment on the trident.

Why is this? Since impalement in Minecraft is used for the enchanted Trident to have an increase in the damage it can cause. But, not just any creature, since it is limited to those that are created naturally in the ocean.

How do you see the “Impaling”Is quite a specific spell. It offers a total of 5 levels of enchantment, which will influence the extra damage you can deal with your ocean weapon.

In addition, it is a spell that does not present any incompatibility with the other tricks of its own, and general, that can be applied to the Tridents, so you will not have to worry about this aspect.


Get the spell

Before you can perform the impalement enchantment In Minecraft, it will be necessary that you have the specific spell for them, that is, you have to know which ones are worthy of that trick.

The most natural way to do this is by looking for it in the different villages on the map and trying to trade with the vendors that are always in those places, although the probability of finding it is not as high as you would surely wish.

On the other hand, if you want to skip that search, you can make use of a stratagem, this consists of entering the “Creative mode” and enchant the item from there. In order, during the process, to be able to write down the first and last sign of the spell, so that you can replicate it in another situation.

Whichever method you prefer, you must remember that your Trident has to be in optimal condition to be able to enchant it, so it will need to be repaired beforehand.

Similarly, complement impalement with a spell of “Durability“Or”RepairIs also a very good idea. Since, these weapons are fast-wearing and, by applying any of these spells, you avoid losing it and the Impaling.

How to perform impalement in Minecraft?

After you have the enchantment, or know the relevant symbols, you must have a wide range of ingredients, so that you can perform the spell successfully.

You will also require a “Spell table” and, as expected, a fairly extensive library, if you do not have a table of enchantments or a bookcase, you have the option of creating them. This last element, together with experience, influence the result and its level.


If you already have all the requirements, you can proceed to enter the “Spell table” and enter your “Trident”In the slot corresponding to the object to be enchanted.

Thus, on the right side you can have a preview of the result. It is advisable that you hover your cursor over it and make sure that you have achieved the enchantment you are looking for.

In case you chose the wrong spell, you will have the opportunity to change it to find the one you want ,. You can always check until you have the correct referral.

If so, you can now withdraw your enchanted weapon. You get this by dragging it to your Inventory. And, from now on, it will be possible for you to use it and its new impalement power.

An enchantment that we recommend that you have on hand is Repair, with which you can repair any damaged tool or object.

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