How to Make an Individual or Group Video Call on Snapchat How Many People Can Make It at the Same Time?

Snapchat is a tool, which we normally use to take photos, and record short videos for stories, inside and outside the app. However, there are quite a few more tools that we can take advantage of from this program.

Among the most outstanding, and which we will talk about here, will be to be able to make video calls, and even to be able to add filters to them, to have fun with your friends or family. Currently, the power communicate by digital means, with audio and video, it gives us a great advantage, since it is not necessary that we leave our home, to speak directly with a person or a group of people.

How to make a video call on Snapchat?

In order to start enjoying this tool, the first step is to be registered on Snapchat, then add the people you want to communicate with, through their ID or identification code. In addition to this, it has to be on your contact list and that in turn, she has you too.

On the right side of your screen, you will see a blue hue button, which allows you to converse with that person by text. Also, we will use the same button to start the video call. You should also check that the person is connected, because if they are not, it will not be possible.

individual video call with snapchat

You must give a sustained touch To this button to send the notification that you want to talk to that person by call, if it is connected, a notification will arrive and they will be able to talk quietly, if you want to add more people, you just have to select it when talking, and equally way, it must be true that it is connected.

How many people can do it at the same time?

Currently, and with the new updates to the Snapchat app, we can do video call of more than 15 people, 16 in total, this opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to communicating, since there can be so many people on the same call, it is very favorable for office meetings.

Being one of the best candidates To fulfill these purposes, as we know, when we make a call, we have the ability to disable the audio or video.

As it turns out, if we want to make a call without video, or that the connection is very slow and we want to communicate with our friends or co-workers, so it is only by audio, because we have the option of add up to twice as many people, of which we can add by sharing video.

This is used a lot when we only need to communicate via audio, or when it is extremely urgent that there be more than 20 people on the same call, that is, an emergency meeting. To achieve this, you need to connect to a high-speed network, because video calls consume a lot of data, both upstream and downstream.

Tips for making a video call on Snapchat

As we already said before, connection is the most vital, so that those famous audio or video cuts that we usually see do not occur. In addition, if we are using Snapchat on a PC, we must close all those programs that consume the internet and stop the downloads that are taking place at that time.

simultaneous calls on snapchat

In the same way, if we are on our cell phone, we must pause the download of updates from the Play Store or App Store, depending on whether we have Android or IOS. With this we achieve that all our connection goes directly to the call and this is as stable as possible.

Another tip that you can apply is to place your cell phone or computer in a well-lit place, since the cameras of these devices are usually somewhat small, limiting a little the light that can enter through the lens, to reduce this effect we can make use of light rings or be in an outdoor place such as your terrace or yard.

Finally if you decide make it indoors, you should opt for a room that isolates the sound well, to avoid background noises. With which you drastically improve communication.

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