How to make an inquiry on Amazon

amazon is the shopping website that everyone should know. Thanks to it, many customers benefit from very good prices and guarantees that we cannot get elsewhere. Once you get used to buying online, it seems that physical stores are a thing of the past, although these have greatly improved their prices thanks to the competitiveness of electronic commerce (others, unfortunately, have had to close).

Buying in an online store has advantages and disadvantages and one of those cons is the impossibility of seeing the product in operation, in addition to being able to touch it before having it at home. Amazon sells products from its own store and from third parties, but if you have questions about a product, you can ask questions through different methods.

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  • Product that Amazon sells or doubts about its website – Through this link you can get in touch by phone, email or even a quick chat with an Amazon employee to clarify your doubts about product specifications, the possibility of testing, etc. You can ask all kinds of things without any problem and they will answer you, in the case of quick chat, in less than a minute.
  • Product from a seller other than Amazon – In the product you can see the seller where it says if there is stock, below the name of the seller will appear in blue and we click on it. Once there, it will take us to the seller’s website and we will look on the right side in the lower corner where it says Contact Seller. There we can ask questions about the article and they will answer us by email and in the questions section of the web, it is a slightly slower method but they do not usually take more than 3 days to respond if it is a weekend and 1 if it is a week. .

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These options are quite visible but I have appreciated that many people have problems contacting amazon and that is why we explain the two simple ways you have to do it. If you have any other questions about this web store, just use the comments and we will respond as quickly as possible.


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