How to Make an mp4 Video with a Photo Album in PowerPoint – Simple Tutorial

How to create a photo album in PowerPoint? Can you convert photo album to mp4 video in PowerPoint? What do i need for create a photo album and convert it to mp4 video?

Thanks to the fact that today it is extremely easy take pictures with a cell phone or mobile device Regardless of your brand, there are many moments that can be captured to treasure over time.

PowerPoint is an excellent tool offered by Microsoft Office, with it it is possible to create a wallpaper, animate characters to simulate walking or create a photo album.

Creating a photo album is extremely simple with PowerPoint, and this tool also gives you the possibility to convert album to mp4 video that you can reproduce at any time, so today we explain how to do it.

Steps to create a photo album in PowerPoint

With the PowerPoint tool it is possible to create a photo album using the different functions that PowerPoint provides, a photo album in this tool consists of joining a group of photographs personal or business depending on the subject in question.

The first step to create a photo album in PowerPoint is to open the tool, once inside it you must go to the option “Insert” and then click on “Photo album”, with this option a menu will be displayed where you must select “Create a new photo album.”

In this way, a new window will appear in the options menu, this window is called “Photo Album”, you must click on it to be able to insert images from your PC or MAC computer.

After selecting all the photographs that will be included in the album, you must click on “Insert”. Once this is done you will have created your photo album which you can edit and customize to your liking with the different PowerPoint tools.

make mp4 video with powerpoint photo album

One way to make your photo album more eye-catching and attractive is by adding animations and transitions to PowerPoint slides.

Steps to make mp4 video in PowerPoint

Once you have created a PowerPoint photo album it is saved on your PC or MAC computer as a presentation, however it is possible to convert a PowerPoint presentation to mp4 video.

For this it is necessary to open the presentation or Photo album you created in PowerPointOnce inside the presentation you must locate the “File” section, this is at the top of the tool.

In the file section there are several options, you must click on the one that says “Export”, it is located on the left side of the screen.

After clicking on “Export” several options will appear from which you must select “Create a video”Then you can choose the quality of the video and whether or not you want to add the intervals and writings of the presentation.

Finally, you can choose the duration of each slide. Once you have finished configuring each option, you just have to click on “Create video” to save the results.

Alternatives for turning a presentation into a video

There are several alternatives to convert a photo album or PowerPoint presentation to an mp4 video, however for this you must download applications or programs from the Internet intended to convert PowerPoint files or presentations into different video formats.

photo album powerpoint simple tutorial

The first Internet application or program is the Movavi video toolWith this application you can convert any photo album or PowerPoint presentation to different video formats such as mp4, mov, flv and others. This tool is available for all versions of Windows and is completely free.

A second application or tool is Authorstream, this application is very popular and useful because in addition to converting PowerPoint presentations to any video format, it offers other options such as uploading it to the cloud or sharing it on various social networks.

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