How to Make an Original and Elegant Wedding Invitation Card in Word

Word is one of the best tools for creating invitations which you can access from home, as you can create the card from the application on your computer or from the Microsoft Office online service that includes it.

As if this were not enough, you can access Word from to create documents. So you have no excuse not to try create a wedding invitation card yourself. Well, this way you make sure that every detail is in its place, as well as that the invitation card is as elegant as it is original.

Therefore, we will show you a simple guide so that you learn the steps you must follow during the creating a wedding invitation card original and elegant in Word.

What should be placed on a wedding invitation?

Invitations are the best way to formalize the welcome to any event that we are going to carry out. Therefore, there are certain details that you should not overlook when creating a wedding invitation card.

In this way, during this important event every detail counts, so being aware of what you should put in a wedding invitation is essential, so that everything flows in an excellent way during this wonderful event.

content of a wedding invitation

So that no guest gets the wrong church or reception place, or that someone arrives after the “Yes, I accept” because the time was not specific on the invitation card.

So, when you go to make a wedding invitation card, be sure to include the names of the bride and groom and their parents, the day the wedding will take place, as well as the exact time and place in which the ceremony will take place.

Finally, you can also include the city, state and year, as these details are as important as theto originality and elegance on your wedding invitation card.

How do you write a wedding invitation?

When an important event is approaching, invitations are the essential tool to let our loved ones and relatives know about the event. But that’s when the question arises How do you write an invitation? And of course, weddings are no exception.

Taking this into account, you should know that the way in which it is written is directly related to the personality of those who are going to get married.It is carried out under the conditions they have requested the couple.

document in word

This following, of course, the classic indications of the place, date and time of the ceremony. Therefore, do not fear that by adding originality to the invitation you will reduce its elegance, because in reality eloquence is a fundamental part of it.

Therefore, the most important detail while writing a wedding invitation is to let your guests you really want to attend this event so important in your life. Well, sharing with them this new step that you will take is a fundamental part of the celebration.

How to make an original and elegant wedding invitation card in Word?

Keep in mind that what stands out from the wedding invitations are the envelopes that cover them, so the invitation card is actually quite minimalist and simple, which makes it elegant.

The next thing is to insert a form in your Word sheet on which to write the invitation, choose the one of your preference, as well as the filling, contour and effects of it. The next step would be to insert figures, shapes or silhouettes to the card to make it more visible and original.

To do this, you just have to search for the image you want in Google, ensuring that it does not have a background, and then you only have to insert the image in Word. Remember that you can include the image you want, an original example would be that of a motif that represents the wedding couple.

Finally, you will only have to write the content of the invitation selecting the option “Insert text box”. In this last step you can play with the types of text that Word has, as well as its dimensions and alignments. However, remember that you must be specific with the details of the content of the wedding invitation that you will make in Word.

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