How to Make and Edit 3D Text in SketchUp Quick and Easy (Example)

Design has established itself as an area of ​​great importance and a constant work in job applications. All thanks to the tools provided by companies specialized in the development of technology platforms and programs.

These allow, precisely, the design of both websites as well as architectural and civil engineering projects, among many other things.

Know each of its functions to handle programs perfectly it is one of the things that anyone wants to put on their resume. The acquisition of knowledge of this type does not have to be linked, necessarily, to these aspirations. There are people who simply want to learn how to manipulate these programs.

Knowing SketchUp

The list of specialized design programs It can be endless, and choosing the best ones can sometimes be a very difficult task to do. Due to the quality that many designs offer, as well as the variety of their tools. A fundamental element to be considered one of the most complete.

Knowing SketchUp

What is not difficult is to recommend SketchUp, which, as far as recommendations are concerned, surely more than one person will agree that it is a very interesting software (that you can easily download from its official website) to shape all projects of designs you have in mind.

Change of owner

This program, launched in 2000, has been fundamental in the development of projects related to urban planning, as well as for the design of video games and even movies.

It has gone through several hands, being designed by Last Software to later be sold to Google in 2006, who in turn, sold this software to Trimble in 2012.

For your favorite operating system

One of the most relevant features of this software is its multiplatform availability and adaptation. It is available for computers that have operating systems ranging from Windows 7 to 10, macOS from version 10.8 onwards.

Despite the fact that Linux is the third most used operating system in the world, this program does not yet have a compatible version. Therefore, Linux users will have to wait a little longer.

Technical difficulties in the creation process

Any design program can pose considerable difficulty for anyone just starting to use it. However, it is important to note that SketchUp has some difficulty when designing 3D texts and models.

However, this time, you will obtain valuable information that will allow you to make all the creations and modifications that you consider pertinent in the text of your design so that you can give it a simply spectacular format.

Create and edit 3D texts

Everything you need to make and edit 3D text using SketchUp easily and quickly is here, pay close attention to the instructions and you will achieve fantastic results:

Create and edit 3D texts

  • Locate the option “3D text”Within the SketchUp tools and click on it.
  • Use the dialog to supply:
    • The text you want to add to your design.
    • The type of font.
    • Font size.
    • Other characteristics of the text that you consider pertinent to establish.
  • Select the text to, later, click on the option “Edit component”.
    • This will bring the 3D text into an edit state.
    • You can triple click on any of the characters to make edits on that specific letter.
    • Using the “Move” command (toolbar), you can replace any of the characters you have selected.

This and much more with SketchUp!

Now that you know how to crear and edit 3D texts thanks to SketchUpAll you have to do is put your imagination to flight and start using the rest of the options that this incredible program has for you.

However, if SketchUp is not a tool that suits your tastes, you can also create texts with a 3D effect with Corel Photo Paint, even create 3D effects in texts using Photoshop.

Don’t wait much longer to install it on your computer and show everyone how cool and original your creations are, both in text and in any other format. Cheer up!

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