How to Make and how to use a Treasure map in Minecraft Find Treasures! (Example)

Minecraf is an open world construction video game. If you like this game, and you want to learn how to make a map and know how to use it, this article is for you. Today we will teach you cHow to make and how to use a treasure map in Minecraft.

How to make a treasure map in Minecraft

The first thing is to know how to read a map in Minecraft or a treasure map. Then to make your map You must have a work table, an oven and materials. The table allows you to make the map and with the oven the components for the compass. We present a list of what you will need:

  1. Sugarcane: These cane are green stalks and usually grow near streams of water. You need 9 stems.
  2. Iron ore: They are similar to a gray block, but with orange pints. You need 4 ores.
  3. Fuel: You can use any material that ignites, you need four blocks, they can be wood, charcoal or charcoal.
  4. Red stone: These are similar to a gray rock, but with bright red markings. You need a stone pylon.

find a treasure by making your map in Minecraft

Melt the iron bars

Once the materials have been collected, open the kiln by pressing the right button (PC), on the consoles, left button, and in the case of mobile devices, press on the kiln. Enter the iron ore in the upper box of the furnace and then in the lower box you put the fuel. In this way, the oven will start to work.

You place the iron bars in your inventory, for that select the bars and then choose an empty place in your inventory. For device versions, just tap an object and it will be moved directly to inventory.

Make the compass

To make the compass you must put the pylon of red stones in the central square on the grid, then place an iron bar in the top, center, bottom center, left center, and right center squares.

This will show a compass symbol. On the mobile device version, tap the “Sword” shaped tab, then tap the compass symbol.

In the console version, select the tab “Team”, locate the compass symbol and press A (Xbox) or X (PS). Now, move the compass to the inventory, you just have to select the compass and then the inventory.

Make the treasure map

You need to create 9 sheets; To do this, you must put 3 sugar canes in the lower left box, 3 in the lower center and finally, 3 in the lower right.

In the device version, press the symbol that is shaped like a bed “Object”, and press the symbol shaped like white paper. On consoles, select “Item”, then the “Paper” symbol and press A or X. Once the paper is ready, you can move it to inventory.

Now that you’ve created the role, you can start making the treasure map. Place the compass in the center square of the grid, and then lay the sheet of brown paper.

This paper is the map. On devices, press “Equipment” and select the map symbol. On consoles, tap map symbol and tap A or X. Now you must start filling the map.

After that, you can make a map in Minecraft with the mapping table. Since this type of table will help you expand the vision of the land.

learn easy to use the treasure map in Minecraft

How to use the treasure map in Minecraft

When you make a treasure map, it will be blank. You must fill it, and for that, place the map in your character’s hand, and move from one place to another. At that time, it will be very useful to see the coordinates in Minecraft to know where you are, and also to put markers in Minecraft so as not to lose any location.

To open the treasure map, in the case of the PC, click the right mouse button. In the mobile version, press and hold the screen. In the console version, press the option “Create Map”, this is at the bottom of the screen.

The treasure map it will start to fill in the direction your character is facing. North is at the top of the map. A white dot will appear on the map, that’s your character. We hope this publication has been useful to you, write us your comments and share this article with your family and friends.

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