How to Make and Place a Dropdown Menu in Blogger? – Step by Step (Example)

Blogger is one of the best websites to create blogs that exists, it gives its users the freedom to edit what they want, allowing them to add different sections and completely personalized designs. Today you will see just that, since you will learn how to make and place a drop-down menu in Blogger.

And, if we compare this site with its competitors, it will leave others very badly off. Because almost none (with the exception of WordPress), have the ability to edit the elements that are within it to such a large extent (you can even create a menu on my blog without much effort). This is why learning about Blogger is so important if you want to make a professional blog.

Make and place a drop-down menu in Blogger

As you read in the title today you will see how to make and place a drop-down menu in Blogger by parts, for a better understanding and that no one is left without learning. The first thing you have to do is copy this code:

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Right after, go to the Blogger editor, and in the options bar on the left select «Design”, In there click on the button that is named «Add gadgets», then in the new menu that will appear press b and in the window that will pop up paste the code where it says «Content”.

white blogger b

With the text already pasted, the next step is to configure it, for that you must take into account the menu structure, which is as follows: The simple button, to which this piece of code belongs

  • Normal menu
  • .And the button with submenu, which owns this other piece

  • Drop-down menu 1
  • If it is already clear to you which is which, then what you must change to edit the menu with your specifications is this: in the part where it says :, change the # for the URL or address of your blog. Where it says menu and submenu in the buttons, change those titles for those of your categories and sections. When you finish editing the code, click «Keep» to end.

    Last step to create your dropdown menu

    With the above you have already learned how to make and place a drop-down menu in Blogger (its main structure), now you will see how to customize it with colors, among other things.

    To do this you must go to the editor of your Blogger and click on the option «Template«, after in «Personalize«, Then»Advanced”And finally in «Add CSS». In that option you must paste a personalization code, it can be any one so you must look for it on the web. It’s all about the aesthetics that you want to give it, so the changes you make there are already up to you.

    Once that is done, you are finished and you can enjoy your customizations on the Blog. So your learning of how to make and place a drop-down menu in Blogger is finally over.

    Blogger and its infinite editing

    As you can see from everything you read, Blogger has the ability to let you edit most of its sections with plugins and codes.

    man with pc

    The truth is that There is not limit For what you can create in it, you do have a bit of imagination, since it literally allows you to do things like insert a PowerPoint slide show, place buttons or icons of social networks and even add the subscription button on YouTube.

    So now that you have learned how to create your own customizable menu, you must go to your account, and start shaping your blog to become the best in the world. Maybe that won’t happen today or tomorrow. But surely one day with enough effort, you can become the best writer this world has ever seen.

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