How to Make and Put Minigames in Minecraft? – Very easy! (Example)

Minecraft is one of the best sandbox games ever made. This is mostly due to the great technical quality of its section since it lets you do whatever you want. Just for the last thing, is that today you will see How to make and put minigames in Minecraft?, so that not only you pour yourself but also others.

And, one of the advantages of a game that lets you build from your imagination, is that you can always create things for your own enjoyment and others alike. This is the best, because this way you not only have the ability to enjoy with friends in normal mode, but also to try your worlds.

How to make and put minigames in Minecraft?

What you must take into account to solve the question How to make and put minigames in Minecraft?, is that everyone can do whatever they want, that is, you can build your own mini game starting from 0, so what you will see today is a very popular one from which you can get some details.

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But before starting, focus on installing mods in Minecraft on Windows 10 PCs, Mac Android and iPhone (or whatever version you have), since with them you can customize your world and your games will be better.

Now, to play the game, first take a piston block (it is recommended to be in creative), and place four vertically, then destroy the first three and leave the highest one (it must be facing down), then next to this places six more.

In the last of the row place four but on its front face, forming an L, then return to place six parallel to those that you had placed before (starting from the last placed), with that there will be a kind of rectangle, now break the four that you put to separate.

minecraft characters in game

Under each piston place a block of any material (in both rows). In the front face of each piston put another block of any type (the front is the face that is facing the row in front of it), on these blocks put a stone button (in each one).

Finally, on the floor, put blocks around the two resulting structures, leaving only the space that goes under the piston (which is where the player will go) free. Those will be the barriers that will prevent the participants from leaving, ends by putting a door on each side as an entrance.

How does the minigame work and how do you get on it?

Now that you are clear about the above, the first part of how to make and put minigames in Minecraft? It was resolved. Then it’s time for you to see how the game works, basically each player must get under one of the rows and hit the opposite buttons until killing the other with a piston.

This game is 1vs1 model and has many names, it can be death chess, killer pistons, among others. To upload it to Minecraft there are several ways, one of them and the most frequent is to build the structure on a server to be able to play multiplayer or with two or more people.

Since then everyone inside can join together and take turns to participate in the minigame (The fact that the only specific material you need is the piston makes it very easy to build in any world).

minecraft battle logo

Another is saving the map where what you created (remember to decorate it in a better way, because what you saw previously is only the internal structure), and uploading said map to a page of Minecraft minigames. You can also put it on a download site like Mediafire, to have a link to give to people.

So anyone can take your link from a website, and create a shared world in Minecraft to play with friends. Remember that the possibilities for creation are endless so you should not stop at this map alone.

With that last, you can finally say that you managed to answer the question How to make and put minigames in Minecraft? it’s time for you to go to your game and start working hard so you can upload something good.

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