How to Make and Receive International Calls with Google Voice (Example)

Through the advancement of technology, human life has been facilitated, and with it different tools have been created with the ability to allow us to communicate by middle of the Smartphone and in turn, we can see the various benefits and advantages that this tool brings.

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This type of tool can also be seen as mobile applications, which have been converted into useful options for the vast majority of users. Google Voice has allowed a better management of every single phone call and received text messages, thanks to its platform.

To know more how it works and the options it has, stay with us to learn more about this interesting app.

What is Google Voice and how is this tool used?

This is an application developed by Google, which has multiple functions, which allows you to make various calls; either to contacts with landlines (home phones) or mobile devices, just by entering your account Gmail email.

In this way, this app is basically in charge of storing, processing and maintaining all the history of our calls; including all the contact details of our agenda that we are doing at the moment. Turn this tool has its own system of voicemail; recorded conversations and text messages as other data that are related to the use of this Google communication service.

In this same way, it allows its users the possibility of being able to delete the call log and other data that have been previously stored.

How does Google Voice work?

As we have mentioned before; This app is basically in charge of helping you make different phone calls through a second number (or also called `virtual number`) that is provided at the time of registration. This gives the advantage of making local and international calls without charging any additional cost to the mobile service that we are affiliated with.

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Now, taking this into account, here we briefly present the main functions of this app that we will see below:

  • Make Free Calls – This is one of the best desktop and mobile apps; which gives you the possibility to make calls to numbers connected to a Wi-Fi network. In addition, the virtual number is helpful to avoid giving your number to strangers or the other person knowing sensitive information.
  • Call information: This feature gives you the ability to store a large amount of information about the calls you make or receive on the device. With this I know gives the possibility to leave voice sms, which can be heard when logging in from your mobile or computer.
  • We can send text sms: It was developed for the USA, since its services are aimed at this country as a priority. So we suggest to be careful when using it because it will charge your invoices amounts that you did not notify in advance to your mobile.

Steps to make calls on Google Voice

Now, to perform international calls with Google VoiceYou just have to follow simple steps, with which you can enjoy a quality service with easy steps to take:

  • To make a call, the first thing to do is download and install Google Voice from the Play Store and have a Google or Gmail account.
  • Following this, you must enter the official page of the app in order to create the virtual number that will be assigned by the system.
  • When the system has been assigned, you will receive a call from Google with a two-digit code that you must write on the page to complete the registration.
  • Now in the registration of the website and that you have the app installed on your mobile, the next thing you should do is go to the ‘Call’ options from Google Voice.
  • Pressing the call icon, it will give you the option to search your contacts and locate who you want to call but otherwise; You can press the ‘Dial’ option and make your calls on the Smartphone.

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