How to Make and Receive Phone Calls Through Amazon Echo with Alexa

If you have wondered how to make and receive phone calls through Amazon Echo with Alexa? Well, here we will explain how you can use this product optimally and effectively.

Amazon some time ago launched a series of products that work as a personal assistant, with which through voice commands you can entrust various tasks. This is the case of Alexa, an artificial intelligence, which has the ability to do several things, in this case what matters to us is how to take advantage of it to make and receive phone calls.

How to make phone calls through Amazon Echo with Alexa?

To connect to your Amazon EchoYou will have to download the application from the official store of your cell phone, for this it is important to have the cell phone updated to the latest version, so that you do not have compatibility problems with the application. If you already have the app downloaded and you are connected to Alexa, you have to go to the call or communicate section.

Here you can dial the number manually, with its respective area code, or you can also select the part where your contacts are saved and mark which one you want Alexa to call. This would initiate the call and you can speak using the built-in microphone that has the Amazon Echo.

Another way to make the call is directly dictate commands to the Echo, what you should do is talk to the device telling it to make a call to such contact, this will make the device call automatically, this only if you have registered contacts. Otherwise you will have to dictate digit by digit, including area numbers.

receive phone calls through amazon echo with alexa

In case you have an Amazon Echo that has built-in displayYou can do this from the same device, since what is shown in the mobile app will be shown on this small screen.

How to receive phone calls through Amazon Echo with Alexa?

As for receiving calls, the operation is similar, if you have more than 1 Echo device, distributed throughout the house for example, these will sound giving you the warning or the alarm that there is a call.

To accept it you have two waysOn the one hand, you can accept it by voice, using simple commands such as accept or reject. With this you will start the call immediately and you will be able to speak with your contact without problems.

On the other hand if you want to use your cell phone program, you just have to act as if it were a normal call, having the similar controls to accept or decline a call.

Your devices have LEDs that work as a way to visual alarm, so if you are receiving a call they will turn on, when you are on it too, only when it ends will they go back to sleep. If it is the case that you have several devices in your house, you can use your phone to create a Smart Home system, which links to all Echos and thus have more control over the spaces in your house.

Tips for Using Amazon Echo with Alexa

When you get one of these devices, you have to know that depending on the model they offer you more or fewer tools, however what we have exposed here it can be done with everyone.

amazon echo alexa receive calls

To make the use of this device more efficient, it is a good idea to place it in a dry space where it will not be in direct sunlight or inadvertently wet. Your voice must be clear when issuing a command.

Alexa offers you a long list of commands, as well as endless queries that you can make. Currently the most efficient way to call these devices is from Echo to Echo, so if you want to receive calls from cell phones or landlines you will have to get a complement for this purpose.

For this, the Echo Connect, with which we can also make calls to emergency numbers and landlines. So far calls with these devices are limited to Mexico, Canada and the United States, so if you are in another country this will not be possible.

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