How to Make and Restore a Backup in Samsung Cloud (Example)

Samsung Cloud is a cloud storage system, this service allows you to restore synchronized data in a simple and fast way; offers 15GB cloud storage totally free. To take advantage of this service we explain how to make and restore a backup to Samsung Cloud. It is definitely a guaranteed backup system.

Samsung Cloud can backup contacts, internet history, calendar, keyboard information, gallery, call history, and much more. In this article we will answer how you can make your own backup. Many do not know how to access or restore a backup; but that will not be your case, because Here you will learn that it is easier than you think.

How to make a backup in Samsung Cloud on a mobile?

The information on our mobile is very valuable, and that is why we must have a backup in a safe and reliable system. Samsung Cloud offers you a backup of all your applications and other data. The backup you make in the cloud will also be available if you change your phone, since the information that you previously uploaded to the Samsung Cloud will be available on the new mobile device.

configure samsung cloud
To access the Samsung Cloud, go to settings, search and select clouds Y accounts; Choose Samsung Cloud. Let’s say your phone needs an update, just start the update and then you can access your account or follow the steps to sign up for Samsung Cloud. Once you enter you will be able to view the backup options that the cloud has and manage the available storage space.

If you want to upload files to Samsung Cloud, you can go to the file, document or photo and select to share and choose Samsung Cloud. You can also grant permissions to the application so that Samsung Cloud automatically synchronizes all your data, or the phone backup option to retrieve the information on any other device.

How to restore a backup on Samsung Cloud?

To restore backups that you have made before in Samsung Cloud, you have to follow these simple steps: enter settings, find and tap ‘clouds and accounts’, select Samsug Cloud; click on restore and select the device.

If, for example, you have several devices with the same Samsung account and you have made backup copies on both, choose the data of the device that you want to restore; followed by this select the data you want to restore; press install to confirm and begin restoring the data.

configure samsung cloud

In this way you recover your backup copy. The new thing that Samsung Cloud brings with respect to the one offered by Android, is that it makes a copy of the applications you have installed and especially the configuration. In this way, any change in the contacts, calendar, like the photos, videos and music, will be updated, similar to Google Photos.

How to access Samsung Cloud through PC

You can synchronize it, for that you must access your photo gallery that you saved in Samsung Cloud through an application for Windows; you just have to follow these steps: enter your browser from the PC with the Windows App Store, then find PC gallery or Samsung Cloud. Followed this install the application on your PC. Then log into Samsung account to view all the images and videos stored on your PC.

In conclusion, Samsung Cloud you can make a complete backup of all the data stored on your mobile, so you can restore all the information in case of changing or losing your device; so the change will be easy and safe. Remember that although Samsung Cloud offers you free storage, it is limited.

In addition, if for example you delete several applications or change the order, you can restore all the settings in Samsung Cloud, everything will return to the same order as it was in the last backup. Thus, Samsung offers you a better alternative with backup, better than Android.

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