How to Make Business Cards in Corel DRAW – Quick and Easy (Example)

Corel Draw is a design tool that helps us edit, create, rotate and resize the sheet on which we will design. In this opportunity we will teach you how to make eye-catching business cards in Corel Draw version X8, easy and fast. This is a tool for making vector drawings, which are very useful, since they do not get pixelated. It is one of the most powerful applications for creating business cards.

Create two-sided business cards with Corel Draw

We will show you some concepts and tools that you can use in your design. For example, with Corel Draw you can use and configure different design guides, this will be a very useful tool when designing. With the following steps you will achieve design your card, two-sided, using Corel Draw:

  1. Go to the home screen where it will show you the “Initial Procedures”.
  2. Click on ¨New document¨. It will open a window with the name ¨Create new document¨.
  3. Fill in the data: name, preset destination, size, width, height, number of pages, main color mode, presentation resolution and preview mode.
  4. Press the “Accept” button.
  5. Draw a rectangle that you can access by clicking on the tool rectangle or F6.
  6. Add the measurements you want your business card to have. To do this, go to the properties bar and enter the exact size for your card, for example, 90 mm by 50 mm.
  7. To center the rectangle, press the ¨P¨ key, and so that it does not move from its place, click the right button and select the option ¨Lock object “.
  8. Start making your favorite design by adding text, shapes and colors of your choice.

These are the steps on the first side of your business card. Now, create a new page to design the second side of it. Apply the following instructions:

  1. Unlock the rectangle and copy it to page 2.
  2. Incorporate the contact information and social networks through which you want your potential clients to locate you (Facebook, email, phone number and website).

Ideas to make your business card the best

To make your business card look sensational you must appeal to your Imagination and creativity. That is why you can add artistic means to objects yourself. Read on and you will discover some very useful tips and tricks:

corel logo

  • With the ¨Shape¨ tool (F10), you will be able to play with the shapes that you have established in the previous steps and give a better style to your card. Right click and in the drop-down menu select the option “Convert curves”. Applying this idea, your project will look more attractive.
  • Add an image that stands out on your card. Follow the following path: File / Import. You can place it within the frame that you created with the “Shape” tool. If your image is pixelated, right click and select the “Quick Vectorize” option. Your image will be sharper, something important at the time of printing.
  • Incorporate a logo related to the purpose of your card of presentation. It can have the shape of a star, or any other, and also have shadows.
  • To insert a text go to the ¨Text¨ tool (F8). Write the presentation to your liking and modify the font and size by clicking on the respective specifications in the properties bar. Try two types of fonts, at most, so you don’t lose professionalism.
  • Center the text using the guide lines offered by the program’s tools, so you will see that your text is straight and ordered.
  • Put a code ¨QR¨, with the purpose that people enter your website and know all your services.

With your design ready, you are now in position to print it. Select the card, right click and choose “Group Objects”. Go to the Object / Transformation / Position tab.

A window will open for you with the addresses where you can duplicate your card. Select it all and group it to center it on your sheet. If you skip the grouping step, you run the risk of cluttering your design in the same place and you will only see a single card. Repeat the process with the second side of your card.

sample text

When designing your own business card You will motivate yourself to make the image of a card by adding texts and shapes for any event that comes your way such as graduations, weddings, etc. Corel Draw will be your ally to generate new forms of income. Try this versatile tool.

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