How to Make Business Cards in Microsoft Publisher – Step by Step (Example)

This time we are going to teach you how to make a business card in Microsoft Publisher step by step, so you can advertise your business. Business cards are used to leave personal contacts with potential customers of the service you provide.

They are usually small, and can be carried in your pocket. In addition, they usually contain the name of the person, their telephone number, their email, address, website or institution to which they belong.

Some business cards include the entire presentation on one side, while others use both sides of it, that is, They put information in front of and behind the card.

In Publisher you can go from creating a newspaper template to creating wonderful business cards. You have default templates at your disposal that will surely be useful as a guide, or you can make it from scratch with your own inspiration.

Steps to create business cards with a Publisher template

You can use Microsoft Office online to access Publisher, or you can install it on your computer.

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To start creating a business card with any of the Publisher templates, you must open the program on your desktop and follow these steps:

  1. ChooseIntegrated¨.
  2. Enter the word ¨Card¨ in the search engine incorporated in the program. Press ¨Enter¨.
  3. Select the template of your choice from the range presented by the Publisher catalog. Each template has a name and, when you select one, it will open an information panel about it.
  4. Customize the colors and fonts of the text with the options located on the right side of the program. You can also choose if you prefer your card to be vertical or horizontal. When you make a modification in this panel, the results are reflected in all templates. Click on “Create”.
  5. Press ¨Page design¨, located at the top of the application. Follow the Size / Page setup path, and customize it to your liking. Later Click on “Accept” so that the changes can be saved..
  6. Delete all the default texts from the template.
  7. Set the background that you think will stand out on your card. It can be a solid or gradient color.
  8. Enter the text with the information you want to make known.
  9. Incorporate an image related to the service you offer, to attract even more the attention of your future customers. Press the “Insert image” button and select one of your files, or upload it directly from the internet. It is important that the image has a png format.

Ideas for making business cards in a blank document

If you want to create a business card from a blank document, you must open the application and go to ¨New file¨. Click on “More Blank Page Sizes”. At the end of this section you will find a folder with the name “Presentation card”. Open that folder and standard sizes will appear.

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You will also find size proposals from different manufacturers. Once you select one of these options, you will need to configure the information panel parameters, as we explained earlier when using default templates. Click on “Create” and then proceed to add all the pertinent information to your card. In addition, it can be very useful to create tables of contents in Publisher, in order to have everything more organized and in its proper place.

Make use of the Insert / Business Information tab to have some pretty comprehensive ideas that could become part of your design. You can choose proposals with a complete structure for your card or enter the details one by one. You must not forget that Information should be presented in an organized and consistent manner to make it look professional.

Since you are creating your business card from a blank document, Consider adding a background that matches and adds a touch of color to the text. Publisher is a program specialized in creating this type of document, and for those with businesses or entrepreneurs, it can also be very useful to make catalogs of products or services, in addition to their business cards.

The program offers you the alternative of adding guide lines around your cards to cut them with greater precision when printing them. On you will be able to view all the office applications that Microsoft brings to you.

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