How to Make Clothes Translucent or Transparent in Photoshop (Example)

One of the most common types of edits within Adobe Photoshop is related to the opacity of an image element, which can even be manipulated so that the clothes are transparent, in order to make it appear that the person is not wearing anything.

Among social networks such as Twitter or Reddit, these types of requests are common. Since there are still different users who do not know how to manipulate Adobe tools in this way.

It is because of that multiple editors They offer their services on a low cost basis. In order to add this effect or modification to the image that is requested.

However, today many people have dared to start manipulating Photoshop. Learning this way to apply the effect that the clothes show through in the photographs.

Whatever the reason for which you want to learn and implement this modification within your editions, you will be relieved to know that achieving it is very simple, and that today we will explain it in this article.

Implement the transparent clothing effect in Photoshop

Adobe photoshop is recognized for being a very useful program to manipulate images, and even create them from scratch, through the adjustments and tools it offers.

transparent clothing effect in Photoshop

The “Opacity Modification” option is quite a characteristic feature within the software. It can be used for make people’s clothing appear to disappear of photography.

Although this effect is applied in specific situations, it is quite particular and even interesting, that for everyone’s benefit, it is very easy to apply.

Application method: Step by step

After opening the Photoshop interface, the editing will start by clicking on “New layer”, which is an option located at the bottom right of the screen.

This layer will constitute the background of the image, since when working with opacity, all the selected content will disappear little by little.

In the menu on the left side of the interface, specifically above the brushes, there is the option “Paint Bucket”. Which you must select and also choose the color you want.

The function of paint pot it will serve to establish the background of the image that will remain intact. Covering all these parts with the color you have chosen.

Get clothes to show through with other Photoshop options

Now is the time to import the image of the person to whom the effect of the clothing is going to be applied. This photography must be opened in a new layer, within the same project.

With the “Magic Wand” tool (found on the right side) you are going to shade the piece of clothing you want to opaque, and then press the “Enter” key to confirm the selection.

It is time to enter the “Opacity” option, which will show a window with a slider bar that establishes the value of this element. The idea is lower it until the clothing partially or completely disappears, or at least until you grab a look that satisfies the editor. At the end, by pressing the “Enter” key you will be able to confirm the changes, and it will only be necessary to save the created image.

Get clothes to show through with other Photoshop options

The answer is yes. It can be done using the brush option and selecting the area or garment that you want to disappear.

  • Within the “Image Adjustments”, the “Infrared” characteristic must be given to the selected area, and then vary the “Exposure” value until it has a rustic appearance.
  • Between the “Filters”, insert the one that bears the name “High Pass”, and change its value to begin to clarify the garment.
  • With “Gaussian Blur” you should focus the area, setting a low contrast to soften the perception of the skin.
  • Finally, the “Levels” tool will be used to highlight skin tone or space found under clothing. To make it stand out and completely disappear the garment.

And this is how you can finally begin to make these types of edits within the photographs, making the clothes look transparent using Photoshop.

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