How to Make, Edit or Create 360 ​​Degree Videos with After Effects – Complete Tutorial

Organizing video clips fragments at some point usually seems complicated, After Effects comes to save our lives and get us out of trouble at times like these. Today you can learn here with a complete tutorial How to edit or create 360 ​​degree videos with After Effects.

The digital decade has come into our lives in order to improve and facilitate communication. That is why today it is quite common for a fan of social networks and video editing to fulfill this dream from home.

Edit, crop, add text and include images are the options available in After Effects that become our best ally when creating content.

What is After Effects?

It’s a video editing software capable of creating moving images, composed of a timeline capable of adapting to your needs and preferences.

This program allows you to create visual effects, color correction, character animation and text animations according to your preference.

You have at your disposal a variety of languages ​​such as: English, French and Spanish, and although it was released in 1993, the last year has gradually risen to the top 10 publishing programs.

edit create videos 360 graphs after effects

It should be noted that this application is characterized by having various plugins that are responsible for facilitate work and decrease the amount of time spent.

Although there are free online video editors, this software is available by subscription and has a value of $ 20.99 per month but due to its tools, it is really worth it! In cases like these it is essential to make this type of investment for a good result.

Complete tutorial to make, edit or create 360 ​​degree videos with After Effects

First of all we must download Mettle’s Skybox pluginsHaving this on our device we go to After Efffects.

We proceed to click on the option File> Scripts and select Skybox, it is advisable to choose the size 1024 so that our device works perfectly without getting stuck.

We make sure that the box is selected ‘Use 3D elements’ and you click generate. Automatically a black layer will be created in which we will start working.

Add the text of your choice and import an equirectangular image of your liking into the program, preferably one with high resolution to facilitate the process.

At the top of the screen we place the option Effect> Trapcode> Horizon and select the desired effect, once applied our layer will change to gray and the image will no longer be appreciated.

Do not worry everything’s OK. We seek the ‘Image Cap’ tab and we create a new layer with the same name as the previous one. Right click and we form a new camera.

We apply the 15mm option to that camera, and quickly the desired effect will be noticed in our image, we select the zoom value according to our objective.

By holding our click we can move the 360 degree camera, in our timeline we locate the second 0 and select Keyframe in Position.

We move forward a second, and select with the arrow in which direction the effect will move. We play and voila! it’s time to see the result.

Advantages of After Effects

When editing this software, it saves you time and, as we mentioned earlier, it facilitates the insert elements in 3D, it has a high match with the Adobe file package, don’t miss the opportunity to create your free account.

360 degree videos after effects

As well as through the templates the author helps you at the time of editing, with the text tool you can customize the typography, the size and the moment of appearance in the video.

It has the cloning effect that allows us to eliminate unwanted details in our videos, considered one of the most powerful on the market as it is capable of erasing details that are not visible in the first instance.

And last but not least it helps you with learning in the world of editing, feeling the result instantly and trying different positions and effects. In short, making the idea that you once imagined come true.

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