How to Make Financial Statements in Excel step by step

Make financial statements in Excel tool easily, it can be a task that many users would like to do. The Excel tool has its origin in the company Microsoft Corporation, to which the development and distribution processes are attributed.

Excel is very useful for performing data posting tasks, especially in the area of ​​accounting, mathematics, and other incredible related branches.

The calculation tool in question provides a very easy way to calculate certain operations, which you can settle through the creation of spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel for free and without complications.

Steps to make financial statements in Excel easily

Making financial statements in the Excel tool easily can be very basic to do. Financial statements are official documents in which accounting information of a business fiscal year is established. To do any of them you must open a spreadsheet.

For it the option ‘File’ must be selected, followed by ‘Blank Book’, then save it with the name of your financial statement, either ‘Ledger’ or another type. Then write the title of the financial statement in ‘Cell A1’.

Bold is recommended To establish the title name, then include the number of columns that are needed, it all depends on the type of financial statement, be it the operating cash flow statement or a balance sheet.

make financial statements in an excel

Later, you must create the formulas in the corresponding cells, a clear example is to configure a formula for add the number in cell C5 to cell C4 and show a result in cell C6.

For it select in the bar the option ‘Formulas’ use a pre-established formula or make a new one, then you begin to enter all the records and the accounting calculations will automatically be carried out.

Why do financial statements on a PC and not manually?

Make financial statements in the Excel tool easily. It does not mean that you should not do it manually, any option is valid, as long as the results are the same. However it is better to do it on a computer, since, the process is automatic.

The above indicates that making a financial statement, whatever it is, requires fewer resources if it is done through the Excel calculation tool, since it saves time, one of the most important things that exist.

It also provides the possibility of configuring a new task in an automated way, since the processes of mathematical calculations they are running on the fly. It also provides a way to secure them digitally.

You can also have them available at any time, either to review, modify, print or dispose of them, all this to achieve the objectives of the financial statements in the comfort of your PC or smartphone.

However, you must be especially careful, since you must not make a mistake under any circumstances, when making any type of financial statement, either, journal, ledger, income statement, among other resources.

View a financial statement made in Excel from a smartphone

Making financial statements in the Excel tool easily indicates that these could be viewed on many computers, since, this tool is cross-platform, which allows you to use formulas in the Excel spreadsheet. In addition to other functions.

financial statements in pc excel program

Smartphones do not escape being one of the devices with support for this type of tool called Excel, they can easily downloaded from the ‘AppStore’ or ‘PlayStore’ application. Once installed you must open it and start enjoying it.

On the other hand, if you just want to view a financial statement that had already been done previously, you can try placing the file in the memory of your smartphone, via email or USB transfer, among others.

Then go to the Excel application on your mobile, press on it to start, you must position yourself on the list that will be displayed, in which the projects are located, you select the file or financial statement and it will open soon.

That way you can view it from anywhereWithout the need to use a computer, you can even execute modifications, if there is some kind of error or problem.

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