How to Make Fortnite Thumbnails for your YouTube Channel? (Example)

Fornite thumbnails for your YouTube channel can be an excellent strategy to get a greater number of followers and views. If you want to expand the reach of your channel, we recommend reading this article where you will learn How to make Fortnite thumbnails for your YouTube channel?

What are thumbnails for a YouTube channel?

The thumbnails They are images that allow to identify or predict the content of a video on YouTube. They are strategically created by the owner of a channel on this social network with the aim of generating greater interest in users and attracting a greater number of views in each video. Therefore, it is important to learn how to thumbnail videos on YouTube.

How do thumbnails work on YouTube?

Once the owner has created his video, he accesses the options offered by the YouTube platform in order to upload a video with an image that identifies it. Therefore, it is wise to choose a miniature that grabs visitors with a good message and a good color combination.

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How to make Fortnite thumbnails for your YouTube channel?

The procedure to make Fortnite thumbnails for your YouTube channel depends on the tool that you use to create this resource. For this, there are tools like Photoshop and you can even create thumbnails with Canva for free. Next, you will learn more about some of these tools. It is important that you choose based on the quality of an optimal result since this influences the traffic you will have on your videos.

«EDIT» allows you to make thumbnails for your YouTube channel

«EDIT» is a website that allows you to create thumbnails based on a wide variety of templates and through your own design. To make an impressive miniature, it is convenient to make a great design.

If you don’t have any design idea, don’t worry because the templates are editable and free. Also, you can create your own design in order to get a custom template.

How does EDIT work?

«EDIT» has an online thumbnail editor, with which you can create any design without problems. The interface presents the user with a list of templates and resources so that you can obtain Fortnite miniatures without using any program. To achieve this, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the editor and select the design option «Custom YouTube thumbnails».
  2. Choose a design from the list of images of the Fortnite game presented by the site or start from scratch with an image of your own.
  3. Insert texts, icons, stickers to achieve a good combination for your thumbnail.
  4. Register an account and save your personal design in a new template so you can edit it later.
  5. Download the thumbnail in the format of your preference (.png or .jpg)

YouTube thumbnails

The “Canva” tool to make Fortnite miniatures

Canva is another online tool for creating thumbnails. With «Canva» it is possible to add text and other graphic elements to an image. You can also create your own design or customize the thumbnail using the tools offered by the website. To create a Fortnite miniature in Canva, follow these steps:

  1. Select a template from the thumbnail directory for the Fortnite game offered Canva.
  2. Choose graphic elements such as banners, icons or frames and add them to your image.
  3. Add a message from the text marker. The website offers a list of high-quality fonts. Also, you can change the colors and the background.
  4. Download the image to your hard drive or share the thumbnail on YouTube.

Some recommendations

It is important to note that both websites offer several alternatives regarding the format of the thumbnail for the “download”. In this regard, we recommend choosing the .png format to display a thumbnail with a high-quality image.

However, if you prefer an image that takes up less space, you can choose the .jpeg format. The design and message of the thumbnail depend on your creativity and strategy. Likewise, you can activate the thumbnails from your cell phone if you do not have a computer when managing your YouTube channel.

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