How To Make Free International Calls From My Pc or Cell Phone (Example) – Very Easy

Perform International calls It is a modality that has existed since telephony expanded communication barriers, but at that time it was necessary to use intermediaries, known as operators. However, today there is a varied number of programs that can be used through a computer or a cell phone to communicate with each other.

The advantage of these programs is that, in addition to allowing you to reach other parts of the world, they do through excellent audio and video quality.

Use the Internet to make international calls through a mobile or computer for free!

The Internet has been defined as a tool that all human beings have the right to acquire, allowing the population to increase their level of general, cultural and in turn access new types of communication.

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If you want to keep in touch with a person who is in another country and you know that they also have Internet access, you can use the following tools to make the call:


Perhaps it is not necessary to explain what this application is about, since WhatsApp is currently known worldwide as one of the preferred programs for communicate for free with other people.

The only requirement is to have a mobile number that is registered under the area code of a country. Thanks to this, the application included the calls and video calls international between one of its functions.

make international calls

You can send messages and make calls / video calls if both have the app installed on one of its available platforms: Windows, Mac, iOs, Android and Windows Phone.


Skype is another program recognized worldwide, which began being used exclusively by computers until it evolved to mobile devices. He was one of the pioneers in working with communication between two people who are at one considered distance, including between countries.

To make video calls, calls to a computer or a call to a mobile phone, it is only necessary that both people have the program installed and are mutually added to their contact list. This software is supported by computers like Mac, Windows, iOS and Android telephony.

Don’t want to use programs? Find here a series of pages that will allow you to make international calls!

Although it seems a little difficult to achieve, The Internet has and offers all the tools to solve the problems of users who want to make this type of distance calls.

In the event that the call you want to make is to a landline phone or a phone that does not have an Internet connection, there are a couple of web pages that allow you make calls for free.

pages that will allow you to make international calls

VoIPStunt and VoIPBuster

VoIPStunt and VoIPBuster are responsible for offering services to users who need to make international calls to these types of telephones, even when the Internet connection is null.

However, it does so in a limited way, since the requirement to be able to make international calls for free is that they have a maximum duration of one minute.

If you want to use it, you only have to access the page from a Smartphone or a computer that has Windows 7 onwards, and thus be able to connect to numbers in more than 20 countries.


On the other hand, Poptox is characterized by being a tool that does not require applications or extensions to be used. The benefit offered by this website is to perform the calls to mobile or landline numbers from the comfort of your browser, regardless of the operating system you use.

If you would like to use this page to make international calls, you only have to access it and you will be able to see at the beginning a telephone that allows you to enter the country where the call will be made and the number of the person.

Like VoIP, it has a time limit and a limited number of calls per day, which are encrypted and protected to ensure your privacy.

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