How To Make GIFS Using Gborad From Android Mobile

Mobile devices They need a virtual keyboard and this is what Gboard is about, but this one stands out for its extensive characteristics. This keyboard is provided by Google, as well as it has given multiple tools this is one of them. Not only does it have basic functions, but many more tools are built in that can be of much use.

It also has wonderful ways to use it, for example you can use the floating keyboard of Gboard, of course, for all those options you have to access to configure it to your liking. Many use this option because they can thus move it anywhere on the screen.

It is important to add that you can also use the Gboard clipboard as it stores information. Today we want to enjoy all the opportunities that the technological world offers us and also entertain ourselves for that as well. On this keyboard you can create Gifs.

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In this sense, below we will let you know the information necessary for the creation of these Gifs, quickly and easily.

download gboard keyboard

How to use the Gboard GIF editor on Android

First, you must download the Gboard application on your Android mobile. Some devices already have Gboard as the factory default application. Having already the application on our mobile we can access the GIFS editor from our keyboard.

To do this, you must click on the ‘GIFS’ button that is at the top of the keyboard. After accessing the GIFS section you will have to go to ‘my GIFS’ and then click on ‘create a GIFS’. With this you can record the fragments you want and apply various available effects for their best visual appearance.

Steps to create GIF with Gboard easy and fast

What applications are looking for when updating is to improve many of the errors that it presents or to add new tools. For that reason Gboard in its updates improved with the creation of Gifs. We can carry them out ourselves.

The first thing you should do is open the keyboard and then proceed to press on the emoji. In the new section you will proceed to select GIF and without much complication you agree to give the option to Create a Gif.

Right there you proceed to record what you want and the moment you release the button you will get the recording result. But not everything is there, with the new updates in addition to creating the Gifs, you can put effects on it. In this way you would give it a unique touch.

Another thing that you can include is the text, in the upper right part is a letter and there you can add the text you want. After these simple steps you must accept and The Gif will be saved in the application that you meet. It is important to know that you can go back if you want some change.

You must verify that it is that keyboard really that you have installed on your mobile because if it is otherwise These options will not appear.

How can I make GIF with my camera from any Android mobile

This process is quite simple and you will only have to have recorded the fragment that you want to convert into a GIF. Therefore the first thing is to make a normal recording with your mobile of what you want to transform into GIF.

Then you must enter the gallery in search of the video, when it is played and paused you can click on the GIF button. You will access the interface that will allow you to cut the fragment of the video chosen by altering the speed among other aspects according to the brand of your device.

How To Make A GIF From Video Without App – Is It Possible?

If possible and it will depend mainly on the brand of your device, for example Samsung mobiles usually have this feature integrated into their personalized options. However, some models do not have this option by default, most Android mobiles of various brands they already have these configurations integrated.

Gboard Tricks and Special Features You Should Know About

We clearly show that it has many functions, but besides that the interesting fact is that it can be search on Google. Many at the time of a conversation some word appears to us of which we are not aware or that we are not very sure of the meaning it gives to the sentences.

When this happens we run to quickly google this word, but With this keyboard it is different, among its many tools there is the one that without having to leave the keyboard we carry out a search. It is one of its greatest advantages.

There are many keyboards in your application store, but mostly this is the default and it is not bad for its alternatives. But everything is at the hand of what you really want, your preferences when choosing.

configure gboard keyboard

What is Gboard for?

Google really had the afternoon that this keyboard had some special effects, different. Because it offers several advantages that you can help us when talking with the other person, even if they are in another country.

In fact you can change and add another language to the Gboard keyboard, this saves you time and inconvenience when chatting with someone else. Most of society today need a mobile phone to communicate and even more other tools. You can write in multiple languages.

It is good that this keyboard is used for any application you have on your mobile, many times we think that it is for a single application but it is not like that. It can be noted that have the option to customize and place the background you want, put a wallpaper photo on the Gboard keyboard, thus giving it a different touch.

What you should know is that this keyboard can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store if you have an Android device or from the App Store for IOS. It has great compatibility for devices to the point that come with this keyboard by default.

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