How to Make Glitch or Glitch Effect in Premiere Pro – Full Tutorial

Aesthetics as a safeguard instrument is something that we seldom take into account, but that is there patent in front of our eyes, and the Glitch effect embodies it perfectly. The aesthetic criteria are a measure of saving, rescuing, or returning elements that were believed to be past, making them the focus of desire and demand.

It becomes a revaluation of the concepts, the old digital failures and their mistakes, they become desires, for aesthetic sake. The Glitch effect, not to be confused with the Ghost effect that is also in demand in the publishing world. It is necessary to know how to do the Glitch effect in Premiere Pro, and to be able to join this much appreciated trend.

A look at the Glitch effect.

Within the multifaceted task of editing videos in Premiere Pro, the possibility of recreating elements that were previously considered reprehensible flaws, and turning them into true artistic creations, is structured. Movement is something that attracts a lot of attention hence the search to create GIF or moving images. But the Glitch effect is something more peculiar, it is the simulation of an error in the movement.

glitch effect

The Glitch effect makes digital error a potential art, making the idea of ​​distorting visual material or audiovisual to simulate load failures, in order to improve its appearance and in unison emulate the old distortion processes in VHS and related elements. This effect is very popular, it is not in vain that we seek to create the Glitch effect on iPhone and Android.

The digital world embraces us in all aspects of lifeThis is how elements from the past are taken and resized, to adapt them to the present. The peculiarity is that through its use, the idea of ​​an archaic error is now a modern demand that many seek to materialize in their visual and audiovisual productions.

Indeed nor there may be room for errors and failures, since that was what causes this perception of the images. Through the editing and excellence of Premiere Pro, now those old distortions are created under the most rigorous process of editing and digital production.

Should I do the Glitch or Glitch effect in Premiere Pro?

Undoubtedly. There can be no room for doubt when it’s all about achieving the best display quality on the element we are working on. It is under no circumstances an overly complex or demanding process. Under the action of the Premiere Pro interface, the Glitch effect becomes extremely simple to do. Let’s see how it can be done.

glitch effect in premiere pro

How to do Glitch or Glitch effect in Premiere Pro?

It is in practice simple to materialize, but it must be remembered that the aesthetic conception is always paramount when it comes to visual or audiovisual productions. So we are going to do the Glitch effect in Premiere Pro, but with the highest aesthetic levels, which only achieves by paying close attention to details.

You want it to look like a bug effect, so harmonic ends and simulating faults. Not that it is seen as a real and reprehensible failure, which detracts from the professionalism of the work that is done. Let’s do it!

  1. Being already inside the Premiere Pro interface, we choose the video to edit, and we select the most appropriate fragment or fragments to apply the effect.
  2. In the first instance you must ensure playback quality. Which is achieved by creating an adjustment layer, in which to work.
  3. We go to Archive, on the left side. In the “New” bar we choose the option of “adjustment layer”.
  4. A window will appear with the default settings in the interface, on which we will click on the accept option. Unless you want to make any changes to it.
  5. The adjustments layer will appear, and we will take it to the space where you want to do the Glitch effect.
  6. We refer to the effects segment. In video effects, we refer to the distort section.
  7. We choose the style that is most considered.
  8. In this point a glitch effect will have been created, but somewhat crude.
  9. To stylize it, we go to the upper segment, in Effects Control.
  10. There we will configure the details under individual tastes.
  11. It is vital that in the Positioning section, the option of “all edges” is chosen, which guarantees an ideal glitch effect that was just created.

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