How to Make Gmail Show Emails in Basic HTML Easily

Accessibility within Computer programs and mobile phone applications is one of the biggest things designers and developers pay attention to. The fact that a person can more easily navigate a specific program can change the way it attracts new users and how they use its interface.

If a program is too complicated to use, many users will stop using it or will simply look for ways to use the program in other ways or for other purposes than what they originally intended.

When we talk about accessibility, we refer to all the small details that a program has so that anyone can use it. That is, we are not only talking about how intuitive it can be used by a common user, but it also covers users who have poorly performing equipment or people with disabilities.

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So, when we talk about a program with good accessibility, we are talking about a program that can be accessed by anyone without too many problems, where its characteristics are easy and intuitive and where everything can be found easily by anyone.

A fairly clear example of this are the best Google applications and programs, which have placed an emphasis on ease of use, being quite direct with the user, intuitive and comfortable to use. Many of these programs Google they are clean, in the sense that they do not have too much color, and the little that it does have is used strategically to attract the eyes of the user.

Also, it is something that we can easily see in applications of your email platforms, Gmail, which even has the possibility of being used in its simplest and lightest version, the HTML version.

red gmail functions

HTML version of Gmail

Google has been in the digital market for several years now, always seeking to reinvent itself and be as accessible as possible to its users, which has led it to provide different services through applications that are usually intuitive, fun and quite simple to use.

Good design of applications Google It can be demonstrated through the fact that people do not need a complex tutorial to learn how to use an application, but just by looking at it, you can understand where to go, what to do and how to do it with the intelligent use of icons, colors and short messages.

When we talk about Gmail, the above applies as with the other apps, and it is usually a simple and effective email platform. But, if you are entering from a computer that has an unsupported browser due to updates or that does not have too much RAM memory, it may be that Gmail run a little slow.

And, if this is something that happens to you, you can always enter your Gmail through the HTML version of the site, a version where only the essentials are shown in terms of text and interface.

So that they can see the emails without much problem and new emails can be written; or also send mass and personalized emails, really, a good solution for all those people who cannot access Gmail normally.

blurred emails gmail

Entering the HTML version

When you log into your Gmail account, Google will automatically send you to the traditional Gmail view, the standard one. Before, you had the option of being able to change views through a button at the bottom of the Gmail screen, but this has changed.

If you want to enter the version HTML From Gmail, the easiest way is to enter Gmail, and when it is loading, click on the bottom blue link that says “Load basic HTML«, Which will automatically send you to the version site HTML. Finally, it should be noted that an HTML code can be added or inserted in a gmail signature.

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