How to Make Greeting and Invitation Cards in Microsoft Publisher From Scratch (Example)

There are many applications that offer you the possibility of making different cards, but with none of them it will be that easy. As it will be with Microsoft Office Publisher and it is also included in the Office office suite. This is why in the next tutorial we will show you how to make greeting and invitation cards in Microsoft Publisher from scratch.

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Surely you had no ideas that you could carry out this type of project with this application. The same thing happened with the tutorial that I taught you how to put different headers and footers in a Word document. As you already know, these two applications are very similar and you can apply the same techniques in Publisher.

How to make greeting and invitation cards in Microsoft Publisher from scratch

So that we can Make Greeting and Invitation Cards in Microsoft Publisher from Scratch, the first thing we will do is open the application. Then we will go to the File tab of the main menu. In the left side menu we are going to make a clip in the New option, in the right part we will select the Integrated option.

And here we will see a number of templates and we will scroll to the end where the type of cards we want to make are found. We can choose between business card, invitation card, greeting card, business card, etc. You can choose the one you want and basically you will perform the same steps with the one you choose for our example we are going to choose Greeting card.

When choosing this template, it will show us a great variety of cards of this type that already come with a predetermined design. And on the right side we will see the design information, we can choose between different categories. For birthdays, Christmas, christening, etc. When you choose the one of your preference and on the left side we can edit its design options.

Here in this section we can change the color scheme, font, style, design, page size, etc. When we finish editing the design options, we click the Create option. We will wait a few seconds for the template that we have selected to load and the changes to be applied.

The presentation that shows us can also be edited and we will remove or add elements at will. If you have any text, we will edit it, placing the desired sizeas well as its color. In the left part of our document we can see the pages that our work contains.

Editing the different options to create an invitation or congratulations card

This will consist of a cover as the first page, then page two and three where we can insert an image that we have on our PC. Or that we download from the internet or we can also add a congratulatory note. On page number 4 he will show us who created the card.

To insert images either from your personal computer or from the web, you must go to the top menu and select the Insert tab. And from there you can locate the place of origin of the image that you want to include on your card. We suggest that the images you use have a PNG formatas they are very light and do not contain a background.

When we have it downloaded to our card, we position it and adapt it to the desired size. We can insert as many images as we want, but we must take care that the card is recharged. And that all the images are related so that it is coherent with what we want to express.

In the insert tab, you can not only include images, you can also insert texts, clipart, shapes, etc. From the WordArt tool, you can type the name of the honoree with a default transform style. And if you have already made the final adjustments to your card and you like what you have created, you only have to print it.

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And in this way we put an end to this tutorial, which showed you how simple it is to make a card using the program’s templates. Now you only have to apply the knowledge you have acquired to make greeting and invitation cards in Microsoft Publisher from scratch.

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