How to Make Interactive Vector Pattern Fill and Textures with Corel DRAW

Sometimes it is difficult for us to imagine that there are graphic design editing programs that have the versatility that Corel Draw has. We have already seen the different effects and functions that we can perform with it in a short time. But now we will show you an interesting tool and teach you How to do interactive vector pattern fill and textures with Corel Draw.

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Although we have already seen incredible effects that can be done with this application, such as creating the glass effect on different objects. In the following tutorial we are going to show you the steps you must take so that you can use it in all its dimension, this useful tool. So we will teach you how to do interactive vector pattern fill and textures with Corel Draw.

How to do interactive vector pattern fill and textures with Corel Draw

To use this tool and we can make interactive vector pattern fill and textures with Corel Draw. We are going to go to the left side panel, where the smart fill tool menu is located and we will select the interactive painting tool. Clicking will display several options on the property bar first, Uniform fill.

Secondly, the gradient fill, but then we will have three more buttons, which contain the options that we will use in this tutorial. With these, we can add a fill to the object, either with a vector pattern or with a bitmap pattern. But we can also add a pattern with two colors to it.

If we position ourselves on the pattern option with two fills and click with the left mouse button, we will find two more options. These are Textured Fill and Fill postscript, now if we want to use the vector pattern fill tool. What we need to do is select it and then make a clip in the fill selector.

By doing this, several categories will be displayed and we will choose the one that best suits us or suits our project. Then we must click on any of the mosaics that are shown to us and finally we click on Apply. After this we will see in our image the fill that we have selected and the handles.

With them we can modify the direction, position and size of the tiles, this can be done simply by dragging the mouse in or out or rotating in any direction. We can also use the Mirror tile horizontally or Mirror vertically buttons found on the properties bar.

Using and configuring the different options for the interactive fill of the vector pattern and texture

We will also find a button that is in all the options and it is about Edit Fill. When choosing it by clicking, a window will open, where you can make different settings. Here you can change the inclination, displacement and see from the preview how the mosaic will be, then in fact the changes you must click on OK.

Another interesting option is the two-color fill pattern, by selecting it you will be able to choose a pattern from the fill selector. And you will use it in the same way as you do with the Vector Pattern Fill. The only difference is that you can choose the foreground and background colors.

Remember that in this option of Two-color fill patternWhen you click the right mouse button, you will find the Texture fill option. Where you can choose between different categories and between them different textures. And you will make the adjustment in the same way as you did with the other fill options.

interactive geometric figures

The options shown in the Edit Fill button may be a little different, but in essence they are very similar and easy to apply to your image. And in this way we have completed this simple but interesting article. What could show you how to use this useful tool and taught you how to do interactive fill of vector pattern and textures with Corel Draw.

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