How to Make Invitation Cards in Word with Background Image to Print (Example)

Throughout our lives we should give ourselves the opportunity to enjoy the little ones special moments that are presented to us. Be it birthdays, Christmas parties, weddings or whatever; We have the right to be able to enjoy the moments of joy that occur within our lives, so as not to become bitter or sorry.

This is a bit of the charm that life brings with it in its small details, and that is why we must take advantage of it as we can, preparing ourselves for celebrate and be with those we consider close to us.

Now if we are organizing a celebration ourselves, we have to have a certain degree of preparation for the meeting or party. We must take into account the number of people who attend, that there is enough food and drinks, as well as a prepared space, music and everything necessary for a specific party.

As for the decoration, we can use our computers to make paper centerpieces and all kinds of posters. This is where all of our creative talent It can save us from paying tons of money at a decorator or going to the store to buy the decoration.

This can be applied to much of the overall party design, and is perfect when it comes to a party for a specific date like Christmas or Independence Day, as well as birthdays or friends meetings.

But, if you want to go a little further, you can create some invitations that you can print to give to the guests or send them by email. And, best of all, you don’t need too much knowledge or heavy and expensive programs that can end up not being of much use to you, you can do everything through Microsoft Word, if you follow the following tutorial.

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Creating your own invitation in Word

Word is usually used to be able to write all kinds of documents, although it not only emphasizes the types of text formatting, but also the inclusion of images, shapes, graphics and more. This gives the opportunity to use this program in different ways, such as to create a nice invitation for a celebration. It should be noted that you can also download different templates to use them in your documents so that they are more creative.

If you want to make your own invitation from scratch, first you have to select a size, so create a new blank Word file and go to the “Page design” and in “Size” you can choose one that can stick to what you have in mind.

Then, you can put a background image or several background images, which you can do through the menu of “Insert” and then on “Images” select the image you want as background.

When the image appears, you will see the image layout options next to it in the form of a small button, so click on this and select the option “Behind the text”, Turning the image into a background.

Then through the menu “Insert” you can put all the text boxes, shapes and SmartArt you want to spice up your invitation, so take your time and get creative about it.

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From a template

If your thing is not creativity or having a good sense of aesthetics, you can always use Word templates to create an invitation. If you open Word, you will see on the “New” that there are different templates to choose from, but if you go to the search bar above and type “Invitation” you will be able to find lots. You can also add images to make your invitation much more eye-catching.

Choose the one you want the most and you like the most, and select it to create a good invitation, where you only have to change the text you have to create a more original invitation and according to the celebration and your invitation will be ready. It should be noted that you can also create or edit Word documents from your mobile. so you can do it wherever you are.

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