How to Make It Look Like Glass with Glass Effect in Photoshop? (Example) l See How It’s Done

Thanks to Photoshop, The newest image editor and design creator on the planet. It is possible to play with the imagination for the creation of traditional art. It has countless effects, filters and extensions related to these aspects, one of the most famous being to make it look like glass with a glass effect in Photoshop.

This particular effect can apply to text or images alike, adding an eye-catching, innovative and above all, great design, being one of the user’s favorites (especially because of how easy it is). However, remember that although it is simple to do things in this program, it never hurts to know how to use the Adobe Photoshop toolbar before starting.

Why make it look like glass with a glass effect in Photoshop?

Often times, monotony can control even the most creative people, taking over their center of ideas and cutting off the vital supply of short-term inspiration. Photoshop provides an ideal solution for such cases, using its vast platform to carry out endless possibilities that encourage anyone.

The glass effect it is just another additional component of Photoshop (like the plugin that allows you to create a 3D effect in text), which belongs to a long list of other essential aspects of the program. Even so, it differs widely from the rest by adding a mystical or creative touch to the final finish of a work.

With it, you can create text and make it look like breaking glass, adding character and ruggedness to the overall design look, while giving it reputation gallons to the user who does a good end job.

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What’s more, make it look like glass with glass effect in Photoshop, it is not only applicable to a text box. But it also combines perfectly with some type of wallpaper or image that can support the magnitude of this traditional tool of the program in question.

Through the glass effect, the screen can be fogged, cracked or broken, creating a visual illusory effect. This gives the image document a splendid and unmatched appearance in terms of creation.

At the same time, with the glass effect, you can retouch your personal photos in one way or another. Which will make it seem that you have attitudes and aptitudes for graphic design with the realization of an image that stands out for the application of said effect.

Steps to correctly use the glass effect in Photoshop

First of all, you should keep in mind that this type of effect is mostly only applicable to text boxes. For the rest, such as adding the glass effect to a personal photo, the procedure differs greatly in its complete execution.

When it comes to a text box and as an initial step to make it look like glass with the glass effect in Photoshop, you must first access Photoshop. Then fill in white all the space on the initial screen as well as the one corresponding to the letters to give them an effect of “Complete disappearance.”

glass effect on ps

On the toolbar, select “Layer style”, followed by “Drop shadow”To outline an outer shadow that adds the darkest hue. Play around with the parameters set for the option and then add contrast to it with the option “Inner shadow”, configure its interface according to your tastes.

Press “Bevel and emboss“, soon “Contour”And set an outline to mark the shading of your original text box. As a closing act, add glitter or satin in the option “Satin”To finish contrasting the text field and making it look like glass with the glass effect in Photoshop.

On the other hand, for the glass effect in personal photos, just download and install the action “Shatter glass”To add it to the toolbar and enjoy new ways of using a glass effect. Remember that this program is very versatile when it comes to letting you work, so it never hurts to investigate other functions, such as the one that lets you apply and achieve the sepia tone effect or the one that allows you to do the liquid effect.

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