How to make it rain and stop it raining in minecraft – command for rain

Realism is an aspect that different game developers look at when they make a specific video game. Certainly, a game does not have to be totally realistic, as most often they have different fanciful and very unreal elements within them.

But, there are many elements of real life that are used to be able to immerse the player in the world that has been developed. A perfect example of this can be fauna, flora, cities, buildings, people that have existed and even places. Everything can be used to write a story, but if there is one aspect that most developers look at, it is the use of weather.

Weather is an element that may not be found in the same way in all video games, as No Man’s Sky can be, but it is certainly there. And, it is generally used to be able to create moments of tension, joy and simply put a certain tone in the environment in which it is. And, one of the resources that is often used when you want to put a tone through the weather is rain.

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This is used in lots of video games for different reasons, but when you have a exploration game and creation like Minecraft, can make a huge difference in how your universe feels.

In Minecraft, the character is alone against the world, as he has to face hunger, night, monsters and helplessness on his own. And, to emphasize this, the developers have introduced different climates to immerse the player in this mindset, such as rain or even blizzards. In other words, you can change the time according to the occasion.

Also, within the game, rain can have some additional effects on certain activities or even certain mobs, so if you want to put the rain in your world, you can follow the following tutorial.

jungle rain minecraft

Making the rain fall

Rain in Minecraft comes occasionally, and is influenced by the biome where one is at the moment, since it is possible that it rains more in the jungle than on the beach. But, there is a good way to be able to influence the rain reliably, and that is through in-game commands.

These are considered a «trap» or Cheat within the game, so you have to have these cheats activated in the options of our game.

Now, to enter the command, we must open the command console, which also happens to be the chat. This usually changes from where you are playing, but if you are in PC or Mac, you can press T to open the chat.

Once in this, just write «/ weather rain» and if you want the rain to have a specific duration, just make a space after this command and write between «[]”The duration in seconds, then press Enter and you will have your rain after a message on the screen.

Also, remember that you can make it stop with the command «/ toggledownfall«Or simply put»/ weather clear”To avoid any mob you run into during the rain.

landscape trees minecraft

What can rain do for me in Minecraft?

Beyond the fact that the rain is only aesthetic, it has other small effects within the universe in which you are playing, such as certain mobs that cannot be in sunlight can go outside.

Also, logical events will occur that would occur in real life if it rained, such as the trees that we have planted get wet or fires go out. Also other details that occur, such as being able to fish more effectively if it is raining, or that the villagers will go straight to their homes and they will stop what they are doing to protect themselves from the rain.

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