How to Make Letter or Text Larger in Outlook Mail

Communication is something that has become much easier for us with the arrival of new technologies, such as the computer or cell phones. The fact that we have tons of programs and apps that allow us to communicate In different ways with the people we love, it has made us see these devices in a special way.

Before it was difficult to communicate with people who were on the other side of the world, and thanks to these technologies, we can talk to those people through a video call and more. When chat rooms began to be implemented on the internet, everything changed a lot, because you could start to meet new people who were in other countries.

And, even the arrival of social media They have helped the entire communication process because we can be aware of what other people are doing in a simple way. We can enter the profiles of other people, see where they work, what they have done, who they are with and what their friends are by seeing their interactions.

Perhaps this is why social networks like Instagram have become so famous, since you can show any aspect of your day to day that you want.

However, if you want to communicate on business matters, send certain files, and have less personal communication with someone, you can use an email provider. The email it has largely bypassed today’s postal system when it comes to letters.

This, since we can write an email with any type of format we want and with which we feel comfortable. And a perfect example of this is how you can change the font size within your Outlook mail, which is what we are going to teach you next.

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The font size in Outlook

Whether you want to emphasize something, you want to use a Format specifically or want to look more or less professional; The correct use of the wording in an email can even mean that you are hired in that job that you want so much. For this you must have a good knowledge of how to structure an email successfully.

Now, when we talk about an email service like Outlook, the process is very simple since it shows you the tools you need to structure the text just as you want.

You can add boxes, underline text, highlight it and even be able to add images attached to the email; but consider how to change the text size it is important since there are different Outlooks.

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Changing the font size in Outlook

When we talk about Outlook, we talk about a service email It comes in two different formats: the one we use through the Outlook page, which is totally free, and the one we have access to through the Microsoft 365 platform.

The way to change the font size in both services is similar, although as you do in Microsoft 365 it may be faster because you have key sequence shortcuts.

In the case of Outlook for free, you can change the size of the text of an email by shading it and using the option that appears above the text to change the size up to a maximum of 72.

In the case of Microsoft 365 Outlook, you can do the exact same thing, but you have the option to use the keys Ctrl + Shift +> to be able to make the font bigger or use Ctrl + Shift + to make the print smaller.

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