How to Make Monster or Demon Voice Effects to Scare AUDACITY

Audacity is a good option to make your sound effects sound as you wish, so it is valid to know the different options that this great platform offers us with which we can edit and reproduce sounds.

In addition, mixing tracks, something very cool about this program is being able to give effects to the voices like a robot for example and try something new. Without forgetting that we can modify all the tones we want, and if you go very fast in your recording you can improve the quality, so that it sounds brilliant.

However, since you already know what you can find in this application, it is good that you understand a little more about it. So, we will leave you a brief concept of what this great tool is used today by many people at the international level. The concept about what is AUDACITY, It’s very important so that we can better orient ourselves about this great multi-functional application.

It is one of the applications where you can change your voice shape, tone and color, melody, and everything about the musical material of your choice. The best of all is that it’s completely free being accessible to all users.

This time we will talk about how to make voice effects with Audacity, specifically the incredible monster or demon effect, to exploit creativity to the fullest, since within the different options that the application offers us, the voice change is our preference and it will surely be yours.

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Steps to make the monster or demon voice effects

If you want to have the opportunity to be able to change your voice, in this case like that of a monster or demon, AUDACITY is the right platform. This application offers you an easy, fast and simple option to modify all your audio recordings, to do so follow these steps.

The first step is to go to Red button recording and press “Press“to be able to start recording with our natural voice and start the process.

Next, in the second step we go to an option in the “top bars“where indicates the option of”sound effect“, there we will select the speed change. Plasma a table where you will see the speed changes of the voice with a horizontal bar.

In the third step you will click on it by moving it to the left, clicking on the button “To accept“, emphasizing that the more you move the bar, the greater the effect. As a fourth and final step, press the play button, green and that is where our voice will begin to make the respective monster or demon effect.

What are its effects for?

Taking into account that these monster or demon tones can be very useful to make an impact on people, not only by scaring our friends and family on occasions of jokes but also for the completely professional use, as are the songs and movies with a horror atmosphere.

Many of the young people who want to experiment in the musical realm tend to use Audacity as their first home choice, because of its good options and functions for works at the artistic level musical by improving the voice when singing or speaking.

At present it will be very useful if you are a learner who wants to innovate and experiment, without any fear since the application can help you correct all the sounds you apply to it.

Likewise, giving quality to the audios automatically without giving you any type of excessive work to use, adapting it to you. And as a good application, it allows you to export or save MP3 audio so that you can manage your audio recordings or editions wherever you want.

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How to download AUDACITY?

We start by entering directly into the Audacity page choosing the format we want, such as the type of Windows or Mac have your device that is accessible for it.

Then a file will be downloaded depending on the format we have chosen, in that same click to proceed. Once open, you will choose your language, that is, your language. Finishing, click on “Install and from there the application will begin to be prepared on the device, You will notice that it is a very simple procedure to perform.

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