How to Make my CV ‘Curriculum Vitae’ Original with Freepik Easily

Finding a good job can be a bit tedious. If we are looking for one, we must inform ourselves well about what we must do to give our best impression. Companies looking for workers are generally very demanding.

In this way giving a good impression is the most recommendedThis is how they will find out that we are suitable for the position. Also looking for a way to inform everything we know how to do, our abilities, our virtues is something very important.

If the employer is impressed and sees that he will really benefit from hiring us, he is very likely to do so. More than asking for work we must let him know that our presence is crucial for him and his company, since it will benefit greatly.

Original ‘Curriculum vitae’ with Freepik easily

Curriculum with Freepik

The most used way to look for work is through a resume, this is the first thing to ship. For what it is, the first impression that the employer has of us, if we send a not very good resume it is likely that they will not even bother to respond to us.

In this way, the ideal is put together a resume in the best possible way, where we indicate very briefly our most important qualities. We must be very careful when making our resume.

If we overload it, it will be tedious to read and it is not what we are looking for, if we do not place enough the employer will not be interested in us. To our advantage there are many tools with which we can create a wonderful Curriculum.

One of these tools is Freepik, a specialized search engine for graphic designers. In this platform we can access and download files that can be of great help, among those Curriculum templates.

These templates are specialized in Curriculum vitae with incredible designs, after we download them we can edit them by adding our personal and professional data. To edit it we will need to download an editing program, which will give us access to many configuration tools.

In this article we will learn how to make my CV ‘resume’ original with Freepik easily. Also how to download the Adobe Illustrator application with which we can edit the templates that we download.

Steps to download Curriculum vitae templates from Freepik

Freepik resume templates

If we want to put together our Curriculum vitae, the first thing we have to do is access the Freepik official website. To do this we open our trusted browser, once opened we go to the address bar located at the top of the screen.

To enter the official page of the same you can do it through this link, in this way we will go directly to the section of the curriculum templates. Here we can see all the templates that are available.

When we find one that we like we open it, to download it we must click on the option Download, located on the right. Then we can choose if we want to download the form free or do we want the download Premium.

When we choose any of the two options, the Curriculum vitae template will automatically start to download. This will be downloaded as a compressed file, which we must extract to obtain the template file.

Steps to download Adobe Illustrator

When we download the Freepik template we can see that we need a special app to edit it. The program that Freepik recommends is Adobe illustrator which we can download from its official website.

The first thing we must do is open our trusted browser and through the address bar we go to the official site, which we can find through this link. Now we must select the option Start with the free trial version or purchase the program.

In this way we can download the application on our computer, once it is downloaded we proceed to install it. Finally we go to the template of our Curriculum and open it, it will be executed through the Adobe Illustrator program. This will give us access to different tools to create our curriculum in the best way.

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It is advisable to add real data and the most outstanding ones about your experiences, skills, studies, among others. This way you can get a better result.

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