How to Make My Mouse Cursor or Pointer Appear in Windows (Example)

Through the following tutorial we will teach you how to make my mouse cursor or pointer appear in windows, this is something you should know in case you have mouse or pointer related problems.

What to do if the cursor does not appear?

If the cursor does not appear on the screen, the first thing to consider is whether your mouse is working properly. In order to check For this, it is best to connect it to another computer or to your mobile phone.

Many times, the cursor does not appear because the mouse has been damaged. If so, will need to be replaced adequately.

If your problem is that it is difficult for you to locate the cursor while you are using the computer, you should know that there are certain settings present in the operating system to solve this problem. In this regard, you can change and increase the speed of the Windows mouse pointer if you prefer. For more information, please read the following guide carefully.

How to make my mouse cursor or pointer appear in Windows

In case you have difficulty find pointer Within Windows, you should know that there are several options provided by the operating system to solve this problem.

Locate the cursor by pressing a key

If you find it difficult to locate the mouse cursor when you are using the computer, there is an option provided by Windows specifically designed to solve this problem.

Microsoft’s operating system has an option to show pointer location. This is useful to properly locate your location and thus work more comfortably and efficiently with your computer. For this reason, it is possible to control the mouse pointer using the numeric keypad.

Logitech Mouse

  1. You should go to the Windows control panel. To do this, you can go to the start and search directly for “Control Panel”.
  2. Once you are inside the control panel, click on the “Hardware and sound” section.
  3. You will find the option “Devices and printers”, just below it is “Mouse”. Click on this tab to access the mouse configuration options.
  4. The mouse properties will be displayed on the screen, go to the “Pointer options” section.
  5. At the end of the options, you will find “Show pointer location when pressing CTRL key”, activate this option and press on accept.
  6. Properly enabling this option, the mouse pointer will be displayed each time you press the control key. In this way you can easily locate it at all times.

It should be noted that also in these options you will find “Show pointer trace” option that could also help you to easily find the pointer. In any case, many people may find the trail annoying.

Resize the mouse pointer so it appears in Windows

Another option that you can access in case you have difficulty locating the mouse pointer, is to directly change the mouse pointer and put sound on it in Windows. By default, Windows presents us with various options that we can Modify through the control panel, among which is the cursor settings.

Mouse Pointer Windows

There are various settings in Windows for those who have trouble seeing the mouse on the screen. To learn how to apply these options, read the following guide:

  1. The first step is to go to the control panel. You can do this through startup by searching for “Control Panel.”
  2. When you are in the control panel, you must click on the option “Hardware and sound” and there click on “Mouse”.
  3. Within the mouse configuration options, go to the “Pointers” tab.
  4. At the top you will find the section “Scheme”, where the various configuration options that you can use on your mouse are displayed.
  5. As you can see, Windows presents the options “extra big” which are just larger variants of the default cursors in Windows.
  6. We recommend that you carefully observe all the present sections and once you feel satisfied with a specific cursor, select it and click on the “Accept” option.

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