How to Make My PC Screen Black and White in Windows 10 Easily

In 2014, the technology company Microsoft launched a new Windows operating system called Windows 10.

This new model has many features, functions and a very comfortable, modern and innovative design for being the latest version of Windows.

Thanks to the new features, all customers using Windows will be able to view your computer screen in black and white and enable and configure HDR color. In this article we will teach you how to make your PC screen black and white and we will mention the benefits of using those two colors.

How to make my PC screen black and white in Windows 10 easily?

If you want configure features of your computer screen so that all the images that are reflected there are black and white, you must follow the following steps:

  1. The first thing you have to do is locate and open the menu of “Setting”.
  2. In the window of “Accessibility” A menu will appear on the left side of the screen and there you will have to select the option “color filters”, in that window you can activate the color filters feature
  3. Once you activate the filters you can choose “Grayscale” and automatically the operating system will be in black and white. A change that is made automatically and without having to restart the system.

You can find the “Settings” menu in many ways:

  1. Using the search engine start button found in the left corner of the toolbar.
  2. Performing the Win + I combination in the keyboard.
  3. Pressing the button “Notification” found in the right corner of the toolbar. When you are in the “Settings” menu, you must locate and select the “Accessibility” option.

Windows logo white

The previous steps served you Activate and deactivate the characteristic. You can deactivate the feature if you want to see and appreciate all the colors again or in case your computer screen started to look black and white by mistake.

What benefit will you get if you change all the colors on your screen to black and white?

Changing the colors of your screen in Windows 10 is a fairly easy and fast procedure. Also, if you make use of this function you could get the benefit of decreasing screen addiction so don’t hesitate to do it.

It may be that using the screen with only two colors is for style, but there are many people who prefer to use this feature because various studies have confirmed that a screen without many colors reduces addiction.

Although the sensation of seeing a wide range of colors is fantastic, all those colors tend to attract a lot of attention and in some cases can cause a a little insane obsession to device screens.

Like computers with the Windows operating system, mobile devices they also bring in their configuration the characteristic of changing all the colors of the screen to black and white.

Disadvantages of using a computer for a long time

Nowadays, many people use a computer every day for their work or studies and the abusive use of these devices can cause many disadvantages, since, it would cause exhaustion, muscular fatigue, visual loss and pain in the back.

You can apply many features to your screen in addition to seeing the images in black and white. One of all those features is high contrast.

High contrast

Another feature that you can apply to your pc screen is “High contrast”. This feature is a technique that makes a big difference between light and dark in the images on your screen.

screen settings

To activate this “High Contrast” function on your computer screen with a Windows 10 operating system you will have to complete the same steps of how to put in black and white the screen, but with a few different small steps that we will explain to you below:

After you open the “Settings” menu you must locate and select the “Accessibility” option and in the options that appear on the left side of the menu you will have to select “High contrast” and there you can activate the feature.

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