How to Make My Windows 10 PC Visible or Invisible on a Local Network? (Example)

Frequently, the need arises to share resources and devices. For this, it is necessary to activate the visibility in the network. However, this is not recommended when the network is not secure. If you have wondered How to make my Windows 10 PC visible or invisible on a local network?, then this article is for you.

How to make my Windows 10 PC visible or invisible on a local network?

One of the most relevant characteristics of local networks is the option of sharing resources as well as different devices among the computers that are connected to the same network. In this sense, Windows offers the alternative of toggle team visibility on and off depending on the type of network. You can even choose to change the name of the local network of your PC according to your preferences.

Next, we explain everything you need to know about the configuration of the local network of Windows 10 and the procedure to make the PC visible or invisible according to the established connection either Ethernet or WiFi.

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Procedure to make my Windows 10 PC visible on a local network by Ethernet cable

When a computer is connected to a network for the first time, Windows 10 asks if the connection is part of a reliable network and if the user wants their PC to be visible in order to share files and resources with other computers in the network. same network.

It is convenient identify the network and the security of the connection before proceeding to activate or deactivate the visibility of any PC. In home or work networks, it is useful to make the PC visible, but in a public network it is better to hide the equipment to guarantee its security. Reason why, it is advisable to change the public network to private in Windows.

Access the Windows 10 settings

To enter the Windows 10 settings menu you must go to the start menu and locate the gear wheel icon next to “Settings”. In this way, you will access the menu that contains nine different sections. Click on “Internet and Network.”

Locate the local network

It is important that you know what a local area network is and how it works. Once you clarify this point, you need to enter the “Internet and network” section and look for the “Ethernet” option found on the left side of the window. “Ethernet” It will allow you to view all the cable connections that are active on your computer.

Next, you need to select your local network connection. Click on it so you can see its configuration options.

Set up your local network

In the local network configuration window, activate the option: “Make this team recognizable” so that other devices can detect your equipment. The operating system recommends this option only if you have a home or work network.

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Procedure to make my Windows 10 PC visible in a local network via Wifi

If your local network is connected via Wifi, then you must go to the start menu, locate “Settings” and open the “Internet and networks” section. There, you must choose “Wi-Fi” in order to view all network connections of this type.

Set up the Wi-Fi network

From the configuration window, click on your available Wi-Fi network and activate the option “Make this team recognizable”.

Hide my Windows 10 PC on a local network

To hide your Windows 10 PC, we recommend using the TuneUp Utilities (AVG TuneUP) tool. In fact, this is one of the best free alternatives to CCleaner to clean the PC. If you do not have this application, you can download it from its official website and install it on your PC.

Use the TuneUp Utilities tool

Enter the TuneUp program and locate the TuneUp System Control module. In the category “Communication” select “Network.” In the right part of the window you will see a set of tabs from which you must choose “Network environment”.

The “Network environment”It has two sections. From “Security”, check the option “Hide this PC in a network environment from other connected PCs”.

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