How to Make Norton Permanently Ignore a File Forever

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Among the six protective layers that make up Norton Internet Security antivirus, is the SONAR layer, for its acronym in English of «Symantec Online Network for Advanced Response», which literally translates as online network for advanced responses from Symantec, the company responsible for Norton antivirus, which is the firewall of your PC.

This layer tends to run constantly in the background, analyzing the behavior of the files or applications that are installed on our computer, looking for any malware, any type of computer virus or behavior that it considers suspicious and warning the user to proceed with its subsequent removal.

However, on occasions, the work carried out may indicate that there is a virus in a folder where we are sure it is impossible for it to be, such as a folder with family photos, or all our work documents; this is then called as a «false positive».

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Despite this, this does not mean that our antivirus is in bad condition, it simply tends to suspect of those whose ending is, for example, file.txt, file.dbf, file.log, or file.hlp or another file extension because that is, literally, its main function within the layers that make up the antivirus.

Norton Internet Security It can also indicate that a file or program created by the main user of the computer is malicious, but this because it is not a known developer that is in its database, so the chances of it actually being malware are minimal .

Due to this, the antivirus itself has the option of creating an exclusion list that you can modify manually, that is, the opposite of a file blacklist, folders or websites that you visit frequently, and of which you are sure that they are safe, since by including them you will be reducing the level of protection.

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Steps to follow to permanently exclude files from scanning

The first thing you should do is go to start, and look in the menu for the Norton Internet Security icon, click on it and start running it, then you should go to «Settings» and in that tab, select «Antivirus», which will display a series of options; you click on Analysis and Risks.

A new window will open here, where you will see the option to select «Exceptions / Low risk section», click on then on «Setting», which will show you an option to «Exclude items from the scan», then you will see the option to «Add», you click on it, and now you can select folders or files.

By doing this, you can select entire folders and also subfolders, although it is not a recommended process for those that are constantly being updated, such as «Downloads», since generally the internet files can be accompanied by some malware.

Click on «examine», select multiple files or folders that you are sure are not infected and then «ok». These files will be added to the exclusion section, you apply the changes, and click «ok», in this way they will be permanently excluded from Norton’s analysis.

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Self-protection exclusion and intelligent discharge detection

Norton has the ability to also make scan exclusions in the intelligent detection of downloads, where the window «Real Time Exclusion”And click Add. In this way, you repeat the steps previously explained, select the folders or files> examine> «Ok»> Apply> ok.

After you have performed these steps and excluded files and folders that you consider safe, Norton will skip them when doing your corresponding analysis in search of files that could put the security of the computer at risk, for which we reiterate that you have full assurance that these files are not infected.

Taking into account the possibility of false positives, you should always keep your antivirus with the latest updates, executing «LiveUpdate”To find the latest and corrected version of Norton. If the false positives are still present even having the latest versions, you must make a report in «NortonLifeLock”To report it.

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