How to Make Old Video Effect in Sony Vegas – Complete Guide

The old video effect It is a possibility in the different editing platforms, if it is a video with a new format, and the latest technology resolution, you can apply the old video effect and make it look like a video recorded many decades ago.

If you are excited about the idea of ​​learning how to use this vintage or old video effect, with Sony Vegas you can do it very easily and quickly. You just have to pay attention to this tutorial, and you will see that move a scene visual to an environment of 50 years ago, it is an easy process.

What other simple video editing effects can be applied with Sony Vegas?

Besides getting the antique or old video effect in Sony Vegas, this software allows the possibility of editing videos in other aspects, so easily that you may be surprised.

get old video effect sony vegas

An example of video editing with Sony Vegas’ own effects is to make modify the time that the recording comprises, being able to put slow or fast motion with just one effect of this program.

Actually Sony Vegas stands out for non-linear type editing in video formats, this is the reason for its incredible versatility.

Another example of editing is pixelating or censoring a part of a video with Sony Vegas, doing a great job at this, without any complications. This effect can be mixed with the old or old video effect for a more realistic view of an old video.

And so many more examples in terms of video editing, in fact, Sony Vegas has a default list of effects very good, and also others can be added through downloads; this is actually phenomenal.

What other specialties does Sony Vegas have, besides editing videos with these effects?

Video editing does not stop here, Sony Vegas has several functionalities that make this program an option repeatedly considered by professionals; is used for example for short film editors often, and it is that in terms of video, as has been said, it has many tools.

old video effect sony vegas

One of them is the time modification of a video and its visual content, to give an example of this, we can freeze the image or a frame in Sony Vegas, as long as we want.

The incredible variety of things and tools that can be edited with in Sony Vegas becomes noticeable at the time of enter and use this software.

Sony Vegas by definition is considered a video editing program with hearing aids specialty, managing to be one of the best in this regard.

When it comes to editing a video, the audio tools are extraordinary. To exemplify this, the amazing way of putting a squirrel voice in an audio of a video with Sony Vegas is enough. Many professionals choose Sony Vegas with a closed eye to edit.

How to get the old video effect with Sony Vegas

First of all we will activate the video effects window, in case of not having it activated. We will activate it in the menu, clicking on ‘View’, and then on ‘video effects’.

After this, we will search the video effect list a package called ‘Film effects’; In this list we will find many options, but we are only going to choose the one called ‘Very old film’.

To apply it to the video, we just have to click on said effect, and drag it to the video strip, to the timeline. After this a window will open in which we can customize different parameters.

You will be able to play with the nuances, as well as with the different options of said parameters; However, the default parameter setting it always ends up giving the antique or old video effect that we want.

Then we will close this window, click on play preview to corroborate or check the result, and finally we will save the changes.

The use of the tools used in this effect does not have any complexity, anyone can do it, so Sony Vegas is recommended in this case, as well as for many others, where this program can apply effects efficiently and effectively.

Edit your files with the old Sony Vegas video effect

For this it is necessaryor insert the image we want to edit in Sony Vegas. Then you go to the effect option and select the one called black and white. And you look for the option that says 50% black and white. Then the effect will become noticeable, however if it is not to your liking you can increase or decrease it in the value bar located on the left side of the screen. You can modify it to your degree, depending on your requirements.

In the same way you are going to select the edge option and among all the available options you are only going to press the one that says soft edge. Here you can also increase or decrease this effect and in turn its size. Finally you need to apply the movie effect that is available in the effects folder. You apply it to the video and in the configuration panel you will modify where it says grain to 0, tint to 0 and amount to 15000 the more you increase it, the more lines will appear in your file. In the same way you can also make the file remain with this effect but without appearing in black and white. To do this, you just have to deactivate the box that says convert to grayscale and proceed to press accept. Finally you just proceed to save the file and voila.

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