How to Make or Broadcast a Live with Xsplit Broadcaster on YouTube without Free Lag

Currently we have a large number of technological advances, where people enjoy famous platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and Facebook, in addition to the excellent content creators that are dedicated to the training of millions of people. And all this is possible thanks to the amount of software created to carry out this type of streaming in real time.

Making videos on these platforms may seem technical and complex, but in reality it is something simple to do and accessible for anyone who wants to enter this world of entertainment.

This is due to the amount of free platforms that are available in the market. That is why today we will show you how broadcast a live with Xsplit Broadcaster. Continue reading and find out more.

What is Xsplit Broadcaster?

This excellent software is dedicated to the operation of live broadcasts and video mixing, developed by the SplitmediaLabs franchise in 2016. This has two versions: the Broadcaster; is dedicated to mixing videos where you can modify its scenes. Ideal for live broadcasts dedicated to websites.

The Gamecaster is designed for live streaming through gameplays. Which has default or custom configurations, giving the content creator faster use to start a streaming.

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On the other hand, if you don’t have the necessary equipment to perform live performances. We recommend streaming through Twitch from your cell phone, which configure your stream in an optimized way depending on the characteristics of your device.

Steps to perform a live on YouTube with Xsplit Broadcaster

Stream requires having certain software and hardware, that allow you to take your content to the users of the platform you are on. These tools become an obstacle for many, since they can have many configurations that can lead to stress. That is why below we will mention the necessary equipment that you must have to make a good stream.

  • Good internet connection: Without a doubt, if you do not have a stable connection, your stream may have lag problems, that is why you should know how to speed up your internet to the maximum, for better quality.
  • Good quality microphone: with this you will avoid annoying background noises.
  • Quality camera: With a camera that gives you a higher quality, it will be much better for your followers.

How to broadcast on YouTube

Once you have the basic requirements mentioned above, you can start doing a live show. It does not matter if you do it from your mobile device or computerHowever, you must meet the minimum requirements on the platform to be able to stream.

  1. Create a channel in Youtube
  2. Access Youtube Studio and activate the option “Live broadcast
  3. You must have already downloaded Xsplit Broadcaste which you can download from the official website
  4. Once you have the software installed, you can easily configure it by entering outputs, then custom RTM. Once there, you will place the specifications that it asks for on the screen.
  5. Then on the YouTube platform, you will give the red icon that appears in the upper right that says create.
  6. Then you press the option to transmit in the left side menu.
  7. If you have already completed the previous steps correctly, you must already be in the details option; There it will place the title of your direct and its description, which must go the same way in the Xsplit program. You can also add the thumbnail of the video and configure the comments and other options.
  8. Then you go back to your Xsplit program and you will start the transmission, and it will start automatically with YouTube.

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It is recommended that you have two screensIn this way, it will be more comfortable for you to have the program on one screen with the chat of your followers, and on the other the video game you are running.

Finally, we recommend using Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform, since it has a wide variety of next-generation games, and will grant a more entertainment to your audience.

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