How to Make or Craft a Bow and Arrows in Minecraft? Very easy! (Example)

Weapons in Minecraft are very valuable and important tools. They allow you to fight and fight with better results. In this way to get more and more experience within the game. For this reason, here it will be explained to you how to make or craft a bow and arrows in Minecraft.

Getting a weapon in the game is a priority. You never know when an enemy will appear and you will have to fight for your life. And what better way to fight at medium distance than bows and arrows. With these tools you will avoid melee combat, which will prevent your health from deteriorating.

Elements that you will need to make or craft a bow and arrows in Minecraft

Before creating a bow and arrow you will have to get a couple of objects necessary for its construction. Don’t worry, they are really easy items to get. Once you have them, making or crafting a bow and arrows in Minecraft will be a very easy and fast process.

Manufacturing table

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First of all, stop make or craft a bow and arrows in Minecraft you must have a crafting table. You can get it by creating four wooden boards from blocks of the same material. When you have the four boards you will have to place them in the manufacturing area to make your manufacturing table.

minecraft bow in gameAnother way to have a crafting table is to get it in a village. In these tables you can create a large number of objects that will be useful in the game, so they are one of the first things you must build.


You will need to three sticks to create an arch. You get the sticks from two wooden boards. So this time you will need six wooden boards to get three sticks. In the same way, you will occupy two more boards with which you will get an extra suit. This will help you to make the arrow.


To make or craft thread or rope in Minecraft you must kill spiders. These animals drop one or two strings when they are played, so you will need more than one spider to obtain the strings. You can also get rope if you search the mines.


To make an arrow you will have to have a feather. You can get these by killing chickens or chickens. They are great! Try them.


Another material necessary for making an arrow is flint. You can get this one in the mines. In the gravel there is a 10% chance of getting one (with the flint you can also make or craft a lighter or a leaker, you should try it).

Make or create a bow and arrows in Minecraft

Once you have all the materials, you can proceed to make the bow and arrow. It is a fairly simple process to execute, find out how.

Create the arch

To create the arch you just have to arrange the sticks as follows: On the manufacturing table you will see a 3 x 3 grid. There you will have to place the first stick in the second box on the top row.

The next will go in the second row in the third box. To end you must put the last one in the bottom row in the middle box.

original minecraft arrows

The next thing will be to place the strings in the boxes that have been empty. They would then go over each other in the left column of the grid. To finish you must select the create button to gather the materials and make an arch.

Create the arrow

To create an arrow the elements They should be arranged as follows on the 3 x 3 grid: In the first row you must place the flint in the central square.

The suit must go under it and to finish, in that same column place the pen in the lower center box. Finally, select the crafting box to craft 4 arrows.

And that’s it, with it you already have your arrow, so now you must look for what enchantments a bow, sword or armor can have in Minecraft so that you can make it the most powerful.

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