How to Make or Craft a Lectern in Minecraft? – Crafting Lectern (Example)

Since update 1.14, craft a lectern in Minecraft can be a revolution in terms of gameplay. In principle for its benefits in multiplayer, but it also has a significant impact in solo games.

Thanks to the lectern, several players can now read a book that is located on it at the same time, so they would not be needed infinite copies. In addition, it generates a redstone signal that varies according to the number of pages passed when reading.

If you want to know how to get your own music stand, you have come to the right place, just pay attention to these tips so as not to complicate yourself.

Find a lectern in Minecraft

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If, as you can see, crafting a lectern in Minecraft is not the only way to get one, you can also find it. To do so, you just have to search for a village generated after update 1.14 and locate a library. If the village has it, it will surely have a lectern too.

This is undoubtedly the fastest way if you are near a town as the preparation process can be a bit more tedious. If you are not lucky or prefer to do it yourself, then go to the next point.

Crafting a lectern in Minecraft

Like many other objects, the lectern can be made on the manufacturing table, but for this you will have to get four wooden slabs and a shelf. In the case of the slabs there is no major complication, you can make them with 3 wooden blocks online and you will get 6 slabs.

lectern with and without book

On the contrary, the process to manufacture the shelving is somewhat more complicated and lengthy. You could get the bookshelf directly by using a tool with the enchantment «silk touch» and mining it from a library.

Otherwise, the only thing you would get would be the three books used in its elaboration. If you do not have this tool or cannot find shelves, books and paper, this would be the complete procedure:


Get 3 units of cane (usually located on the banks of rivers and coasts) and put them on the crafting table forming a horizontal line of 3 items. With this you will get 3 sheets of paper.


Already with your leaves you can do the books if you put it together with leather (which you can get from animals like cows, horses, etc.). You can make it from your own inventory by having a sheet in each corner in the crafting section and the leather in the last. Repeat this process 3 times to get 3 books.


Now that you have the books, you must go to a manufacturing table with some 6 wooden blocks. Locate 3 books forming a horizontal line in the middle and 2 wooden lines above and below. In this way you will get your bookshelf and you can now craft a lectern in Minecraft.


With all the elements already in your possession you just have to place them as corresponds on the build table. To do this, visualize the grid by assigning a number to each box from left to right and from top to bottom.

lectern manufacturing process

Now yes, place a wooden slab in positions 1, 2, 3 and 8. The shelf must be placed in position 5 and all other boxes must remain empty.

And ready! You were able to craft a lectern in Minecraft. Place it where it suits you best and do not forget to put a book on top, if it is better written. Remember that any player can read it and that you can also use it to activate redstone mechanisms.

On the other hand, with a lectern in a library that does not have librarian, there is a possibility that a villager will take on this office. The music stands are certainly a wonder of fantasy, you know how to have yours, now it only remains for you to get the most out of it.

Other elements that you can create or craft on your own in Minecraft are iron barrels, pots, buckets or buckets, among other elements that will make your experience in the game easier. You can also craft larger objects like an elevator or elevator.

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