How to Make or Craft a Library or Bookcase in Minecraft – Crafting Book Library

Minecraft is a game that is responsible for entertaining and amusing its users thanks to the diversity of components it contains. For this reason it is important to understand each of the functions that can be performed within the game.

So knowing each of the tools is important for this reason we will explain below the steps you must follow in order to create a library, although it should be noted that it is a simple process.

It should be mentioned that the library can be used in different ways, they are represented by blocks and you can craft them in villages or fortresses. In turn, the shelves can be created using natural wood.

Know the steps to make a library with books in Minecraft

Level 30 Minecraft

First of all, in order to make or create a library, you must have the paper which is obtained through sugar cane. You can always get them next to a block of water, whether in a lake, river or sea. You can locate them on the ground and in the sand.

Then you can remove the sugar cane by selecting it and clicking, then you can see that 3 canes are needed to create 3 papers.

To generate the paper you must locate yourself inside the inventory and manufacturing box where you must locate the sugar canes horizontally, since vertically it is not allowed. Here we show you how to craft paper.

Later, when obtaining the paper, you must look for the leather to be able to make the book, so you must get the cows and you can annihilate them using any type of sword. Once they are annihilated, the hides will be added, so when obtaining it you must return to the inventory and manufacturing table.

It is in that place where you can create the books, you just have to place the paper horizontally and the leather on top or under the paper in this way you will get the books.

Remember that you can create the books you want by following the same steps. Once you have finished creating them, you should look for the wood of any tree but that is refined. So you can select an ax, then you chop down a log by clicking and that way you will get the wood.

Then you must locate it in the craft table or work and you can get the woods already refined. It should be mentioned that by placing the log in any of the tables on the table you will get the wooden boards.

Minecraft: Library Creation and Utilities

Minecraft Creation and Library Utilities

It should be noted that with three books and six tables you can create the library, you must place the three books in the center horizontally and the tables on top and below the books. Once you have located them that way you will get the library.

Keep in mind that building the bookstores is a bit expensive, since you have to wait for the sugar canes to grow or find them. In turn, you must locate the cows, so ideally you have a farm to easily craft the library.

One of the functionalities of the libraries is that serve decoratively, but it should be noted that its main utility is that it is used for enchantments.

You can also reach the maximum level of enchantments which is level thirty through the use of the libraries. It should be noted that if you locate fifteen libraries you can reach that level.

It should also be mentioned that bookstores contain large flammable components for this reason you must be careful, as they could burn. On the other hand, it is important to locate the enchantment table near the bookcase so that it provides a greater effect.

In turn, the library can serve as fuel thanks to the flammable components, for that reason they are used for ovens.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to know your opinion. Have you been able to make or craft a library or bookcase in Minecraft by following these steps? Do you know another way to do this type of crafting? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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