How to Make or Craft a Medieval Castle in Minecraft Quick and Easy? (Example)

Minecraft is perhaps one of the best games out there. This is due to how permissive it is when it comes to letting people unleash their creativity. In this world of paintings you can literally do anything. For what today you will learn How to make or craft a medieval castle in Minecraft?

And there is nothing better than using your imagination to capture your dreams. Minecraft allows exactly that, with a cleverly created block system and comfortable gameplay, it combines adventure and exploration with architecture, creating a five-star hybrid, because we are literally talking about a game that even allows you to make or build a stone bridge, and even make an automatic fishing farm.

How to make or craft a medieval castle in Minecraft?

The first thing to keep in mind to start making or crafting a medieval castle in Minecraft, is that you must give free rein to your imagination, everyone has their own style. So what you will learn today is the basics of construction, the rest is up to you.

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The first step to effectively crafting a castle is knowing the materials. This game contains an infinity of materials that you can use, but if you want to make a castle you must use: stone, glass, and wood.

These three are the ones that will make your castle resemble the real ones as much as possible. In order to Obtaining them is easy, since they are basic materials.

a minecraft castle

You get wood by cutting down trees and turning them into wooden plates. And to make a glass window you just have to melt the sand with any fuel in a furnace or a melting furnace.

The stone and its variants

Now, in the case of the stone which will be your main material, there are many variants that you can use to create a more refined castle or one with a more deteriorated appearance.

If you want it to be rustic, you must use the stone as it is as you pick it. But if you want it to look like a high-class castle, you can put that same stone through the oven and return it to its natural, smooth state.

You can also use the variants: stone bricks and mossy stone bricks, if what you want is to give it a much more stylized finish. The first is obtained by placing one stone slab on top of another on a construction table, and the second by joining the same stone brick with a vine.

General construction of the castle

With all the above learned, it is time for you to read a small example, so that you can make or craft a medieval castle in Minecraft, easily and quickly. The first thing you have to do is place a starting point, that is, place the first block which will serve as the center, being the reference point.

Once you have done this it is time for you to go on to place the walls, the height depends on each person, but a castle must be at least 10 blocks high on the first floor, and at least 24 blocks wide, all this moving at least 20 blocks away from the center.

sunset in minecraft

If you want to add another floor, try to reduce at least one or two blocks from what is the initial size so that it does not look like a square structure (four floors is a good size).

When you have finished the floors of the castle, break into the spaces that you think the glass should go, in medieval times these were vertical and like glass so you can make them colored.

Also, on the inside place the floor between stone and wood, so it doesn’t look all a drab gray. And add stairs between floors to give it cohesion.

Finally, on the outside build an external wall make it as tall as the first floor of your castle, with a watchtower at each corner, with stone fences at the top that give the tower its shape.

Your final decoration

The final decoration is up to you, that is with your imagination and what you want to add to the castle, because you already know how to make or craft a medieval castle in Minecraft (the basics of the structure), so it’s time for you to go play.

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