How to Make or Craft Stone Bricks in Minecraft? – Normal Stone, Chiseled or Cracked (Example)

Minecraft is among the best games on the planet. This is not only due to its fun graphic section and its perfect operation. But also to the updates that increasingly improve the player experience. It is for these reasons that you have to learn things like make or craft stone bricks into Minecraft.

Because no one wants to be left behind, much less if the one being talked about is the best-selling game in history. So so that you can keep up with the updates, it is time for you to spend a little time learning how to build blocks like a professional in the field. Obviously before continuing you should download the official game if you do not have it and update Minecraft to the latest version so that everything you will read next comes out.

Make or craft stone bricks in Minecraft

To get straight to the point, what you should know before starting with the construction of the bricks is that each of the bricks you read in the title is built in a different way, although they all start from the same base. Now to go by order You have to start with the simplest ones first, which would be normal stone bricks.

These can be obtained in two ways: naturally and by building them. If what you want is to look for them in the world of Minecraft and find them naturally, they can be obtained in fortresses (both on walls and ceilings), the way to obtain them is by poking them with the pick tool (if you use a pick with a silk better).

If you want to create them yourself, you just have to join square stones on any construction table, as long as you have passed them through the oven to return them to their original state before chopping them.

Minecraft stone bricks

The correct position in which they should be on the table is literally forming a square with the blocks, once this is done it will automatically come out for you to grab. Also if you do not have the four stones you can use polished andesite, polished diorite and polished granite, all in the same position as the previous one.

With this you can now make or craft stone bricks in Minecraft, however, you still need to see how the chiseled and cracked are made.

Make the chiseled and cracked stone bricks

As you know create the normal bricks, It is time for you to move on to the chiseled ones that are the most beautiful to decorate a house or construction.

These are even simpler because you won’t need any chisels or fancy tools. Only two slabs of stone bricks, which you must place one on top of the other on any construction table, for that object to come out.

And, last but not least to finish with the explanation of how to make or craft stone bricks in Minecraft, it is time for you to see how cracked brick is made.

To achieve this item you do not have to build a stone brick again, but you must take one already made and place it in a furnace or a melting furnace along with any combustible material that you find such as coal. This will melt the brick and leave it with the cracked look you are looking for.

minecraft colored bricks

It should be noted that these two items can also be achieved naturally in-game without the need for crafting. The chiseled ones can be found in the temples of the jungle biome, and the cracked ones in the fortresses.

As a bonus: Mossy bricks

Now that you know how to make or craft stone bricks in Minecraft, You can also learn how to cover these bricks with moss.

You just need to take a piece of stone brick and combine it on any table with a vine. This will automatically turn it into a brick with moss which serves in the same way to decorate and build.

And ready with that last thing you know everything you should about bricks in Minecraft. It is time for you to go and explore the world that awaits you with this new knowledge.

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